Postcard Schedule

Do you have a postcard/penpal writing schedule? Specific days of the week or times of the day? Or just whenever you have time?

I usually pull all my Official addresses on Saturday morning so I have until Monday to write (and make, if I decide I want to send a handmade to someone) and get them in the mail without feeling guilty! And I usually respond to pen pals on Sundays. It’s not set in stone, but that’s my usual schedule. I used to pull addresses early on weekday mornings because I tended to get more “unusual” addresses that way, but by now I’ve sent enough officials that while it would be great to pull a new country, I don’t worry about it.


I have no schedule, but follow one rule - I am drawing an address only when I am going around a mailbox next day, and when I am sure, that I have enough time and feel like to sit down and write that day. I hate the idea, that I would draw an address and wouldn´t write the card immediately. :slightly_smiling_face:
And I never draw another address before I am finished with the previous one. I spend different time with different addresses - some of them make me write a lot, some doesn´t.


No schedule just when I want to…which is often😂


I live in a small town, so I can reach the post office at any time. I usually write postcards in the evening by lighting candles. though during school I only manage to do this on weekends

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I had to establish schedule just couple weeks ago! I have many penpals and being on forum - I went crazy a bit over tags and just random-encounter swaps (I was active on the old forum ages ago in 2012-2014 and remember it as sending/receiving one of the best cards, and now new forum is so easy to track and check on phone xD).

I have an xls sheet in to track everything (sending out cards, that recipient received, that I received and that I wrote a receiving message, last was always my slacking part for penpals, it’s easier to send another card than write a message). So I divided penpals into every week/biweekly/monthly categories, plus I have a sheet on tags/RR and a sheet on one-time or occasional swaps. It feels a little bit like a pipeline on my desk: blank cards, cards with decoration and stamps, written cards. So I write cards or decorate or choose every spare moment I’m at my desk (sounds a bit horrible, but actually now my writing queue is smaller, than when I had less of a flow). Sunday is usually a big writing day and a day to make all handmades!

And of course had to put my official profile to inactive for a bit till my forum activity settles down to moderate level (before I drew out addresses and wrote cards every time I had one of the sent cards received)


I usually write my postcards on the weekends when I have time. But if I have a particularly slow day, I might also write a postcard or two in the evening. With the Month of Letters, though, my schedule is going to be changed quite a bit during February since I’ll be writing at least one thing every day during that month instead of waiting until the weekend. But I’ll most likely go back to my old habits during March.


I’m thinking about some shedule for the future. But not rihgt now, when I am newbie with 9 sent and 4 received cards. On current moment I am on a pause- all my 6 allowed cards are traveling, I can do nothing.

I used to just try and do them as I had empty slots, but now I can send a lot more cards and am often busy during the week I try to at least get them done on Sunday for posting on Monday. Today is Monday and 7 cards are now tripping around the world :slight_smile:

I do tend to check the travelling status more often before 5pm on weekdays, as that’s when the mailboxes are emptied. Getting an empty spot between 4 and 5 gets me in a small rush. It’s enough time for me to write the postcard, but then it depends on my mood whether I want to cycle to a mailbox lol.
Still, even in the evenings and weekends, I take any empty spot I can as a newbie. Can’t stand when the bar isn’t full and with little obligations currently I can basically drop the activity I was doing to write a card.

I’m still new, but if I receive a slot early in the week I will pull the address quickly and write the card the same day. For swap type situations or freed slots later in the week, I sit down on Sunday morning and pull addresses and write. So far I’ve pulled all available addresses in one go, and then tried to pick suitable cards for all of them before writing.

if I feel like it ill send one. But usually I write when I recieve a reply from someone and send out the next day

Before covid, I tried to send one a month, drawing it the first Sunday. Right now I don’t have a schedule, but I dream of one day having the money to send one a day.

No schedule. I draw few addresses, when I can afford to buy the cards and stamps. Its getting more expensive each year!