Postcard registered by Postcrossing

Hey guys,

No hurray message today but this one saying :

« The postcard CA-XXXXXX you sent to M. X in XCountry was registered by Postcrossing.

The receiver has updated their address and Postcrossing helped them register the incoming postcards. »

I’m confused. What happened ?

When I was first open an account, I state my old address and could not get any postcards for very very long time, and after that I decided to change my address and hire a postbox. While I was changing my address there was a warning saying that there are two postcards are travelling to my old address and tell me to choose one of the choice saying if I ensure that I will get these cards and other was something else I don’t remember. I pick the first choice and these two cards was registered automatically. I didn’t know that this would happen. Unfortunately I received one of these cards later but no sign from other one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
To summarize, that must be something like that…


Oh ! Thanks for the explanation, Aynur !

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My pleasure Coralie!

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This also happens when people move. When I moved from the U.S: to Germany I set my account to “inactive” for a long time so that no cards would be coming to me. But if I were concerned, I could ask Postcrossing to register any outstanding cards for me because of the situation.


My friend got a message like that several months ago. As others said, Postcrossing helps to register cards if the receiver moves because those cards aren’t lost, they just travel to the previous address, and they would have been received if the receiver hadn’t changed the address.


Thank you all for your explanations ! I hope the postcard will still find a home (◍•ᴗ•◍)

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I’m sure that it’ll be! Maybe it’ll be received by the family or friends of the receiver and they’ll give to him/her your card c:

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This happened to the very first postcard I sent too. I didn’t get a hurray message but the card was registered by Postcrossing together with about 50 other postcards!

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The very first one !

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So, what actually happens to postcards that are registered by Postcrossing? This just happened to a postcard that I sent a while ago and I am still confused. Did the recipient receive it or not?

Reading the answers in this thread, I get the impression that a user who changes their address get the chance to have all postcard IDs traveling to them marked as received, despite not actually having received the cards. Yet, the community guidelines urges us to never register a card which we haven’t received, and even to report such requests. Hence, the registered-by-Postcrossing-feature seems to go against the guidelines.

Would it not make more sense to leave it to the user who changes their address to sort these things out by themselves through forwarding or some other means(or, if that is impossible, accept that the postcards will never arrive and let them eventually expire)?

Also, what happened to the account of the recipient of my postcard? The card is marked as going to account closed. However, when I visit the profile page of the recipient, it is still there, only that it has got it’s sent and received counts reset from three digit numbers to zero.

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Forwarding mail is not available or reliable in every country. From experience, I know of (new) postcrossers who never received any cards because something in their address was wrong or because their postal carriers were lazy in adjusting.

So, to no fault of their own they never received any cards. This is frustrating for both the sender and the receiver.

As for closed accounts - I think the servers need closure, too … :wink:


For me, registered by postcrossing is a kind of ‘reward’. As it’s not the senders fault when potential recipients have whatever issues with their adresses, it’s nice that a card one has sent does show in the statistics/gallery in the end. (Though I honestly don’t know if I should count such cards as lost or not-lost in my personal annual statistics).

As for your case, it sounds like the user did a restart with the same username after the first account was closed.


How could the user sort things out if they do not know what is on the way to them?
And why do you punish the senders? They did their part by sending a card.

When you change your address, Postcrossing will give you 2 choices:

  1. Let Postcrossing register your traveling cards automatically.
  2. No action taken by Postcrossing. You will register traveling cards by yourself when you receive them, because you have mail forwarded to your new address or you have someone in your old address to register your card.

Don’t pick the wrong button. Pick the first one if you don’t want your cards to be registered automatically.

Account closed is different story.
When someone closes their account, all traveling cards to them is automatically registered by Postcrossing.
Postcrossing can also close someone’s account. For example the member keeps violate the rule, misuse the account, etc.
Of course all the cards to them must be registered when the account is closed. They can’t comeback again to register cards when they actually receive them.

Please check again. You will not find the profile. You can’t even find the name. What’s left is only the country.


They could sort things out by having ALL mail forwarded or otherwise taken care of.

I don’t share your view that it would punish the sender. Yes, the sender did all their part, but I don’t think that it would have been more of a “punishment” than sending to a user who suddenly decides to drop out and stop registering postcards.

Thanks for your explanation.

Personally, I think that it would make more sense to allow only the second choice, and that the first choice is like a postcrossing administered register-before-reception feature. Personally, again, I am more interested in knowing whether the recipient actually got my postcard or not than whether my sent counter increases.

It is still there. It has got 0 sent, 0 received, 1st Aug join date, same country, new profile picture but the very same profile text.

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This might not be available everywhere or it might not work properly.


And by the way: If the card ist registered by the system, the sender gets at least the card they deserve for having sent one. And the slot gets free again without taking 60 days. I do not care for waiting 60 days, but newbies do, for they just have 5 slots at all.
And if the addressee gets the card, they can still write a thank you message.


Maybe, if their account was closed because misuse, they just opened it again.
I think it wouldn’t harm asking the Postcrossing team about that.

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As someone else pointed out, the account either was closed by the team or the user themselves and they started a new one under the same name. That’s the only way this can happen, as sent and received postcards won’t be downcounted.