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Hello my friends
I’m traveling for the summer and couldn’t bring all of my beautiful cards with me. Has anyone used one of the apps that turn your picture into a postcard, with a message you type, and then they mail it for you? I received a few and I enjoyed them. When I looked up the pricing though, it seemed to be really expensive. I’m currently checking out an app called TouchNote. As far as I can see, it’s cost-effective and the only negative is that it wouldn’t be hand written (I still plan on hand writing; I’m just looking for options to supplement. I intend on using this app for my pen friends, not Postcrossing. Those will be beautifully prepared, as always.:wink:)
Any thoughts on using an app like this?
Receiving a card like this?


I have read many profiles stating that third-party apps like TouchNote are not welcome, as you need to provide your recipient’s address to an entity outside of Postcrossing. Personally, I would not use a service like this, in the interest of respecting users’ privacy.

I recently went on a trip myself and brought only a small collection of postcards with me, along with a few stamps and writing utensils. You can always buy postcards and stamps at your destination, too, and only bring pens. Safe travels!

From the Community Guidelines:

Keep private information private.
The addresses given to you are private information and can only be used for Postcrossing purposes. Do not share them with anyone or make them public on the internet.


Thank you!
OF COURSE, the addresses would not be Postcrossing addresses! Great advice on traveling light. :+1:

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One caveat: I’ve found, increasingly, that you cannot buy postcards at even the most tourist-filled destinations anymore.

(I live in a tourist town where a million people pass through every year, and I’ve had a terrible time finding any postcards to send to postcrossing members who want view cards from my town! I’ve ended up buying a few on ebay!)


I’m pretty new on here but I would love to receive postcards that are pics that people have taken!


Only my opinion, I would stay away from third-party apps like Touch-Note.

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Here is a topic about such services, you can read more here: Receiving MyPostcard Express cards - yay or nay?


I recieved some cards like this, from friends on holiday and via Postcrossing, and for me they don’t feel like “real” postcards. They’re not handwritten, they’re not posted where the senders were / are, and even if there’s a real stamp it hasn’t been chosen by the sender. Getting a card is always nice, but these app cards leave me a bit disappointed. :upside_down_face:

And I really don’t like it that the sender has given my address without my consent to a third party who saves it electronically - how long, in which country, what else for? :thinking:

If people want to send their own photos professionally printed, there are online shops selling lots of photo products - not just classic photo prints, but photo books, mugs, puzzles, smartphone cases… and postcards. :wink:

Of course this doesn’t solve the problem of being on holiday and not finding any decent postcards to send out… I already ordered some extra “Tausendschön”, “Greetings from…” or “Happy Postcrossing from…” or “Word Cloud” cards in advance to take them with me.

Once I had the opposite problem: I had bought great cards, they were written, but I couldn’t find enough stamps. Had to mail them from home. :see_no_evil: