Postcard Pet Peeve

I don’t like glossy finishes on photos or on postcards. That’s just a preference, but it really doesn’t bother me one way or another. But definitely not on the writing side of a postcard, please! Anyone else get frustrated with smudging postcards as you write them? And I’m not even a lefty! Just recently got my first postcard boxes and I really can’t believe that they make these things with a writing surface that is not accepting of ink. Same for some of the local tourist cards that I get around here. Drives me crazy. Thanks, had to get that off my chest.


Don’t care for them much either. When I do have to write on such a card, I try to use a rolling ball or permanent ink type of pen instead of a ballpoint pen.

Agree, I am a lefty and have to try super hard not to smudge.

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It definitely makes it harder to write with gel pens.

Yes, I hate that too, and I stopped buying one brand of postcards, because I get irritated every time I write to such card. Permanent ink doesn’t help. It’s sad because some of their christmas cards are lovely, and some animal cards. I keep a paper on top of the part I’ve written, but still, often it becomes smudgy.

That is also why I don’t like ordering online, because I can’t see how the card is.

Yes, it’s frustrating. I recently switched to sharpie pens in an attempt to reduce smudge, and while it has helped, it’s still not perfect.

This is why I’ll never order again from The Postcard Store. Lovely cards but no pen I own will stick to them. Most of the cards from the one order I made I gave to my daughter, she’s quite happy playing with them.

The biggest small thing that annoys me on Postcrossing cards is apologies. Sorry I didn’t have a card matching your wishlist. I don’t care, just pick a card and go with it.

For cards in general, the nicest cards I’ve seen around here are at the airport. It’s a long way to go, and every single card they have is either creased or dirty. I’d be embarrassed to send them to anyone.

I hate glossy backs, too.

There is also a firm that has many sets with great images at a very low cost but the backside is not only glossy but also printed to look “aged” or something. It looks like dirt or coffee stains or something with a glossy finish over it. I hate these cards so much! I made a mistake and bought a set of anime and a set of vintage poster cards not knowing how they would look on the back, and still haven’t gotten rid of all of them. It’s a shame because the images on the front are super.

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I hate it, too.

There are two German firms with adorable images. One is very low on costs, so okay, I swallow the bitter pill every now and then, but the other one is quite expensive for nice but “ordinary” motifs and for that reason I’d like to have at least a good writable backside.

I also think I know which firm @ColorfulCourtney means with that vintage posters set and yes - I made the same experience :smirk: