Postcard online shop

hey, to everyone. I’m Caterina and I’m 16. I’ve been into postcrossing for 1 year now, I so love postcards, that I decided to start an online shop.
would you buy smth at my shop, what themes would you like? give me some ideas

do you like this tipe of postcard that I’ve made? it will be like greetings in different languages.


Hi Caterina, that’s a great card & yes, I think that kind of a series might sell.

Maybe try reposting this in Postcard Chat - there’s more traffic there & you might get more responses - I’d change the heading to say something like - Looking for feedback/suggestions etc.

Good luck!

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thanks a lot for your suggestion, i did like you suggested. we will see what happens :smile:

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It is possible to ask for help if you want to have a topic moved. So no need to post it twice. Just a friendly information for next time :slight_smile:

I can also suggests my friend’s shop.

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