Postcard issues

I’ve sent 2 postcards…one arrive and another one never made it.
I’m wondering I never receive at least one back…what could happen?

Looks like you are new, so welcome to Postcrossing! When you say the other one never made it, could it be that it hasn’t made it yet? The postal services are different in every country, and some of the journeys are notoriously longer than others.

The chances are good that the other card is still travelling but will arrive eventually. We all experience these delays but the vast majority of cards do eventually get there. And if you are eager for more mail, please join some of the other fun Tags or Round Robins or Lotteries on the Forum.


After 60 days your traveling postcard expires, it can still be registered, expired nly means that you have a free slot for a new adress. ( Only cards after 365 days re ost forever and deleted from the system.)

And yes, if a card gets never registered, techically you ge no card back for this lost one. But sometimes there are “bonus” cards in the received.


Sometimes the mail is really slow. Especially to certain countries (Russia and China for instance). So there’s still hope that the postcards you’ve sent will arrive. The postcards can be registered up to a year (365 days) after it was sent.
Here you can see the travel times of my slowest sent and received postcards. Sometimes the postcards do take the scenic route and travel as fast as a snail!

Each time one of your sent postcards are registered, your address goes into the pool and someone will send you a postcard. If the postcard to you expires (travels for more than 60 days), your address goes back into the pool. So eventually you will get a postcard back for each postcard you send.


It’s been more than a little bit less than 2 months traveling!
I guess it got lost…
And I guess the one that was sensed to me got lost too lol

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You have sent at least 5 cards and you received 4.

Maybe you have sent more than those 5 cards, but the remaining ones are still traveling. Postcards can take months to some countries and postcards to you can also take quite long.


Don’t give up. Most likely they will arrive.

If you want faster cards, click the setting option that allows you to send and receive within the US. Those cards are usually less than a week. Beyond national borders is more of an adventure :blush:


At the moment I have more than 25 cards that were sent between 354 days and 60 days ago. Never had so many but that’s the way the cookie crumbles … it’s a sad part of postcrossing but it’s part of the project …


Oh yeah! Definitely
I like but sometimes got me anxious lol