Postcard installation by Oriol Vilanova, in Valencia, Spain

Hi fellow Postcrossers! :blush:

I wanted to let you know about an amazing postcard installation “Sunsets from…” I saw this weekend when visiting a temporary exhibition at CaixaForum in Valencia, Spain. I was pleasently surprised to see this unusual postcard display as part of the exhibition, and being a postcrosser I totally loved it! :heart_eyes::100::dizzy:

CaixaForum is a newly opened cultural center, hosting exhibitions, musical performances and educational workshops. This postcard installation is part of the “Horizon and limits. Visions of the landscape” exhibition, which explores how the creation of the landscape has shaped our perception of nature in recent centuries.

The postcard installation is by Oriol Vilanova, who is known for other postcard installations. You can read more about him on Wikipedia (it’s only available in Spanish, though).

I am attaching a descritpion of the “Sunsets from…” postcard installation and several photos I took when visiting the exhibition. I was totally mesmerized by the order of postcards :sparkles:, various colors which created perfect harmony :star_struck:, and a variety of sunsets depicted in the postcards. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunrise:

Hope you find it as much interesting as I did!

Cheers, :sunrise::mailbox_with_mail:


Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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Ola, that is very cool!

Is there an overall image that you can see if you stand back from the image? It looks like there may be, but I cannot tell what it is.

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Frankly speaking, I am not sure. It looks like the author wanted to focus on the overall mosaic and thus show how sunset can be depicted in a variety of colors and shades.

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