Postcard in a plastic envelope ?! Please help!

Hello everyone. I have a question. Can postcards be placed in these transparent plastic envelopes to prevent damage? Do they reach their destination?

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I once got a postcard from Thailand that way, so you can probably send it like that. But I’m not sure


I have used those for mailing handmade fabric postcards. In the USA, it costs a little more to mail it that way, because it cannot go through the automated machines. So those cards travel slower, but arrive safely. (And you can put a return address label on the outside, so then it will be returned if there is a problem.)

Yes it works fine. I’ve received and sent (maxicards) like that. Just make sure the officer hand cancel the stamps before putting the card in plastic sleeve. I don’t know if it’s put in letterbox, I think it’s better to have them cancelled by hand at the post office (if it’s possible)

It’s not earth friendly :laughing: but at least the plastic can be reused


Yes, I got several postcards like this

I too have received cards in a sleeve, but sometimes postmark has smeared, so if it’s glossy card, one should wait it to dry before putting it back in the sleeve.

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I’ve definitely received a few cards in plastic sleeves or wallets like that. A few have been crinkled up by the sorting machines though, and it seems that (here in the UK at least) staff at the sorting office have to manually remove the cards from their sleeves to process them. These cards often arrive with a removable barcoded sticker applied to the surface of the card inside the plastic sleeve (meaning someone must have taken the card out of its sleeve to apply the barcode) rather than the usual orange/UV printed barcode.

I’m not sure the cost to the environment is worth it given that the card can still get bent, crumpled, etc.


I have sent a few cards in plasric envelopes as they were too thin. All of them arrived to their adresses though I do not know if the post services removed the plastic on any stage of the way.

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I received one in plastic today and I was glad it was because it was
raining and I’m sure that otherwise it would have gotten wet.

Normally the less plastic we use the better-for ourselves and the environment.

I received 2 postcards in plastic envelopes ( like that ). One from Thailand, one from the USA.
Maybe it’s better to ask someone in your post office before you send it.

I’m from Malaysia and it works fine here. I had seen people doing so and recently I started packing my handmade cards in biodegradable plastic sleeves for protection. Biodegradable is good, but if the card travels for a very long time there is a risk of it biodegrading before reaching the receiver, which will turn nasty :sweat_smile:

Since all of the mail in my area (Klang Valley) is sent to the National Mail Centre for stamping, I put all of my normal cards into one larger plastic bag so that it will be safe… at least until the sorting centre. It will also save the handler’s time to stamp them ^-^


When I used to collect pictorial postmarks, I would write to the postmaster of the city with the postmark. I’d enclosed a self-addressed postcard along with the postcard stamp + a plastic sleeve. I would ask them to slip the postcard back into the sleeve after applying the postmark, seal it and drop it into the mail back to me. Never really had a problem.

@catchycat 's official postcard to me arrived just fine in the mail with a plastic sleeve. Good luck!

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I received one from Australia, and it was fine. The sender took it to the post office to have it cancelled first; then put it into the sleeve.

For the planet it is better not use plastic. I cut out a hole for a stamp. Than i put the postcard in en envelope. So it is a postcard with stamp and it is saved by an envelope without plastic. If you write the adress on the card and the envelope than it looks like a bormal postcard. And if the envelope is damaged thair is the adress a second time on the post card

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Yes! It looks like almost 99% of my postcards had been received defaced or torn by post office. I now put postcards in plastic. No need to be fancy either! I’ve received and sent cards in sandwich bags-off brands. I’ve also used the snack sized bags (Ziplock) and secured them using washi tape. I even put 2 or three cards in plastic. My next experiment is just wrapping them in Saran Wrap!

Of course , I do this step AFTER getting the card round stamped-from postal clerk.

Of course some post crossers prefer no plastic. They prefer receiving a card with battle scars. They like the rough and tumble the cards go through on their journey. A torn defaced card gives it character and has its own story,


I cut a hole on the plastic (on top the stamps) because I have no time to request for a postmark.

I’ve been told that the plastic sleeve protect the cards. And yes, they arrived just as any postcard.

I have also sent some cards in foil and they have arrived.

I have received a few postcards like that. They arrived alright. The postcard in the picture is stunning btw! :heart_eyes:

I’m confused about the foil. It you are going to cover up the card anyway, why not put it in an envelope?