Postcard ID in red

Hi, new to post crossing. We sent our first postcard and requested another address. The postcard ID is in red on the 2nd address and we can’t register that we have sent it. Does anyone know why?
Also, my stats show as 1 postcard sent but we’ve sent 3 including the ID in red and a card to a 3rd address. What are we doing wrong?


I don’t know about the red ID, but expect someone else can probably provide an answer.
As for the number of postcards sent. The number on your profile is based on those that have been registered by recipients as arriving. So, it takes a while for ‘sent’ to catch up to what you actually send.
I recall feeling similarly frustrated when I was new to Postcrossing; it took a couple of months for a happy mail rhythm to set in.
Meanwhile, try some groups in the forums. There are many other ways to ramp up your sharing of postcard love with other Postcrossers.


Welcome to the forum!

Isn’t the ID always displayed in red when you request an address? I just looked at a few of my traveling cards - all IDs are in red. Or maybe I don’t quite understand what you mean exactly?

You cannot register a card as sent - you simply send it and wait for it to arrive. Then the recipient will register it as received.

And as @HookedonPostcards pointed out cards are only listed as sent once they are received. Before that they are listed as traveling. It’s a bit confusing, but it’s a way of distinguishing between these two.


Postcard-IDs are always in red on this page:

Is that what you meant?

As for the sent postcards, you already got perfect answers from @HookedonPostcards and @siobhan.


Wellcome to Postcrossing @LPearse!

I just moved your topuc in to the right category of the forum #postcrossing:help.


Hi, thanks for the comment. Maybe I am too eager! :grin: We are, sending another one tomorrow so as you say, we’ll get into a rhythm.


Ah ok. We definitely have blue ID numbers but we’ll wait & see what happens. UK mail to anywhere is very slow but hoping the cards are received soon.

Thank you.

I’m very curious about that - could you possibly show a screenshot of the blue ID? Maybe we’re talking about different things. :thinking:

@siobhan @Pearse_Family The ID in the email is blue and the one on the page of the travelling postcard is red.


Hi and welcome! You are not supposed to register that you sent the card. You just ask for an address and it’s the recipient that will register the card when received. You may upload a picture of the card if you’d like to. (But that picture will be visible only when the card is registered)
Your cards number of “sent” it’s the number of cards already registered.
:blush: Don’t worry for the doubts, we have all been there. It’ll quickly become easier :wink:

Welcome to Postcrossing!! I have been here since 2008 and still get excited every single time I get postcards! As someone else mentioned, you should check out the different round robins in the forum. Lots of fun groups for every single interest and hobby. :+1: Have fun!

Lately I received from the UK in 10-11 days while a lot of what I receive takes 3-4 weeks to get to me. The UK still seems really fast, but of course it depends also where you are sending to.