Postcard heaven in Prague

In a week I’m going to Prague again.
I would love to get your best tips about where to buy postcards! Of course I know I can find those with touristic views in all souvenir shops, but where can I find postcards with illustrations from children’s books, acorn elves and other more artistic illustrations?
Can I buy postcards at the post office? I have been to Prague for so many times, but not since I became a postcrosser. I’ve never been to the post office either.
Is there any big postcard shops with cheap postcards to find?
Love all the ideas and tips I can get from you!
Greetings, Sara


Try the thrift store at Budečská 13. If I remember right, they had some postcards when I was there in June last year.


I’m afraid there is no place like this in Prague :slightly_frowning_face:
Cards are quite cheap in the Czech Republic, so it’s not worth it to run a specialised postcard shop. The types of cards you are looking for are sold mainly online.

As far as tourist cards are concerned, it’s better to have a look in big bookstores rather than in souvenir shops. The cards are better and definitely much cheaper. In the Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namesti), you can try Luxor or Academia bookstore.
A beautiful selection of artistic black and white postcards of Prague is in Foto Skoda, which is a shop with equipment for photographers. It’s in Vodickova street close to the Wenceslas Square.

Some cards can be bought in stationary shops or at newsagents/tabacoonist’s. At post offices they usually have only a few cards.

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I would also try to visit any of the Albi stores (they are usually in the shopping malls), they sometimes have some fairy tale cards; and some not-touristic omes as well.

About the artistic postcards, I am not sure at all; I buy them online, sadly :frowning:

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I’d recommend to visit the souvenir shops in museums instead of usual ones. For example in Prague Castle, in the National Museum, in Kafka Museum (you don’t have to go to museum to visit the shop). There are some great cards there, fun and not your typical “tourist views”. I love the souvenir shop in the Mucha Museum, you can find almost every reproduction of his works. My personal favourite is “Shakespeare and Sons” bookshop (U Lužického semináře 10) not far from the Charles Bridge. The selection is not wide, but definitely special. Try small bookshops, always a chance to find something unique.

Definitely visit the Central Post office (Jindřišská 14). It’s located in a historical building with amazing frescoes. They have some cards with it at the counters.


Oh! I’ve been there before I started postcrossing. I found some other interesting things there.

Right now I’m in Prague!
I went to see the post office to buy some stamps and I’m glad I went. It was really nice!

I went to Foto Skoda and found some nice black and white postcards.
At Mucha museum shop I bought som Mucha postcards, a Kafka card and 2 bigger touristic postcards.
At the bookstore at the same street as Foto Skoda I bought some touristic postcards, some Mucha but also some painted cards which I liked alot!

Tomorrow I will continue my “hunt”. I will send 3 postcards from here- 2 for the US and one for Russia.


Outstanding! This is a great selection of postcards, well worth the search!

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Another day in Prague and the postcard hunt continued.
I found som gems and some more expensive places. I was not looking for the touristic view cards today.

So, first I went to the Thrift store in Budecskà 13. I bought one Prague card and one with polar bears. Together 10 czk.

The I found a small shop in Francouzská 11 which I forgot the name of. They had s fancy glitter sign above the shop and nice stationary. There I bought a card with a snowman, a cloud and one more. I think they wew 20 czk each.

Off to the best place today which was Bazaar P& J (found at 2, Anny Letenské 1240, Vinohrady, 120 00)
They had lots of vintage postcards! You could find from 2czk each and more expensive. There were nice black and white ones with vintage portraits of famous Czech people and postcards (unwritten) from all over the world. They also had many old photos. I bought mostly Russian vintage card which I am going to sell but also a few black and white from Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. If I had went to the shop alone I would still be there, but not wanting to risk my relationship I had to leave far to quick!

Then I went to Palac knih Luxor bookstor at Václavské nám. 820/41, 110 00 Nové Město. I must say it was the best bookstore ever! Wow! Bought a few “childish” postcards for 5 czk each. The also had Mucha ones but I’ve already bought those.

The last stop was the way too expensive Nanu-Nana in the basement at Charvátova 56, 110 00 Nové Město. Anyway… I bought 5 and ended up paying 200czk…

Well- looked into Papirnitcvi at the same address and bought 4 black and white postcards and two with dogs.


The rest of the postcards described earlier.


Glad you found what you were looking for!

Great adventure and results! Lesson learned: you can’t predict what you will find, or where.

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