🎁 Postcard gifts and stamps you've received from non-Postcrossers

What are some postcard-related gifts non-Postcrossers have given you? Nice, thoughtful, or maybe even strange!

We can’t convince all our friends or family to join us in our postcard hobbies, but sometimes they try to understand or show they care. :grin:

My mom thinks postcards are a waste of time and money, but she always buys me packs of postcards whenever she travels. I appreciate them even more because I know she doesn’t understand my hobby. :joy:

My boyfriend gave me a wonderful Christmas gift this year by making a frame to display some of my postcards. He doesn’t get the appeal of postcards either, but he’s supportive.

Rarely, a friend will send me a postcard. It’s a little funny when friends send me postcards and expect them to arrive in a week. They’re so surprised to learn mail can take over a month!


What a beautiful gift from your boyfriend


The frame looks amazing, such a fun way to display your postcards! Did he make it himself?
My best friend brought me some unwritten postcards back from her vacation this year, it was very sweet of her! :smiling_face:

A good friend of mine buys me pretty stamps when she visits other countries
Plus she tries to write me cards from those places as well


The frame is such a nice present!
It’s a new hobby of mine, and my friends are already gifting me beautiful blank postcards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s hard to send them though (I haven’t yet), I’m waiting for a special occasion :sparkles:


Your boyfriend is so kind and clever to make such an amazing frame!

I have only been on PC since June so I have asked for boxed sets for birthday and Christmas but my family have started to keep an eye out for me. My child bought me back Harry Potter cards from the London Studios tour and my daughter brought me some back from an art installation she visited. My parents gave me some they received as souvenirs on a steam train trip. I’m always really touched when I am given something like that unexpectedly.

My pen friend in the USA sent me a very delicate little pack she found online which was special because I know she has tried PC in the past but found it hard to get hold of postcards where she lives. It was kind of her to go to the effort for me! Funnily enough, I sent her a box of the history of Mickey Mouse cards as I know he is her favourite Disney character and it turned out it’s a pack she’d seen before but couldn’t justify buying for herself!

Edit - I felt even more grateful (but also quite stupid) when I realised all the cards are pictures made from cake frosting! So clever and beautiful and perfect for me as I love baking! I don’t know why I was so slow on the uptake there!


Great frame! What a loving and supporting idea!

I don’t get postcrossing related gifts from non-postcrossers very often, but when, they are chosen very thoghtful.
A friend brought me a bundle she bought time by time whenever she saw beautiful cards for over three months. They are so lovely!
My sister in law always brings me some cards when she is on a city trip or otherwise traveling.
My husband sometimes brings me one or two cards, but mostly he forgets about it. He preferes bringing flowers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My brother, who has collected stamps since he was a child, sent me a big stack of unused vintage postcards for Christmas this year. He picked them up from a person in his stamp club. I love them and can’t wait to get a profile that mentions vintage cards! It’s especially thoughtful because he’s an IT guy (retired) and doesn’t see much use in actually mailing messages!


Long time ago, someone I barely knew found out about my hobby (collecting stamps and postcards). When the acquaintance went to Japan the next year, he/she pay a visit to the Post Office and select some nice sheets of mint stamps and some Japanese viewcards! I was so surprise with the unexpected kindness I received from this person.


My boyfriend is really supportive of my hobby. He always wished he could do postcrossing too but due to his tight work schedule, he didn’t do it (yet). When he has time though he sends me a lot of postcards either from his home country or when he is abroad due to his work. Whenever I visited him, he got me some stamps and postcards. :smiling_face:


Yes! He kept me out of his workshop for a week while he made it. I had no idea because I’m terrible at guessing.


That’s so thoughtful! Vintage postcards are especially hard to find, too.

From my mum I got a booklet with postcards and matching stamps from the Austrian Post. Those booklets are really cool, you can’t buy the stamps anywhere else and the cards are fairly cheap. She also got me some normal stamps for Christmas.
My Secret Santa got me a weather stamp, so now I can stamp the weather on my cards and don’t need to draw clouds/sun etc. I’m really bad at drawing. XD She also got me some cute washitape with cats.


My sister-in-law’s an artist and gives me some of her greeting cards that she’s made, other art notecards that she’s bought, or coloring postcards.

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My friend gave me a bunch of blank cards that she had just sitting around that she had from her collecting days!! I love them all so so much and I even sent one card from the batch that she gave me through postcrossing!! :sparkles::blush:

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You have a great boyfriend!
My sister always sends me a set of postcards for Christmas and Birthdays - some are beautiful some are funny (and rude, eg Naughty Little People). My sister has also arranged a surprise delivery of sacks of Zoo Poo, which was totally unrelated to postcards but funny and useful.
Neighbours and friends occasionally give me cards they “found in a drawer”. They also give me bubble wrap, tissue paper and cardboard boxes instead of throwing out. Again items unrelated to postcards but packaging I can use.

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I love what you boyfriend made for you. My friends , who are all non postcrossers , do understand a litte bit what Postcrossing means to me. I was allowed to take as many postcards as I liked from the heritage of a friends mother. She had sooo many beautifull unwritten postcards and unused stamps. The stamps were given to charity, but there were also a lot of stamps who lost their value. So these I could and still can use on cards in an envelope. Other friends bought me postcards for my birthday or just bring cards when they find special ones. And another friend has ordered special stamps which were made especially for me with pictures of Maya Angelou and Dorothy Day. I use them on cards for Postcrossers who collect cards on peace, freedom, justice, womans rights etc. I couldn’t persue anyone to participate, but that’s also due to the high costs of stamps and postcards.


That’s a cool display case. What a thoughtful gift :two_hearts:

Today I received this chili pepper postcard book, Nixon stamps and envelopes from my friend’s mom. I’ve been helping them pack for an upcoming move, and she found these while cleaning out a desk. She had actually given me some Nixon stamps and envelopes already, so as of today now I have twice as many. I’m not sure if I’ll have enough interested recipients for the Nixon stamps though, but maybe eventually :sweat_smile:


Beautiful display for your postcards! Extra points to your boyfriend.

When my husband travels, he will look and look for postcards until he finds them. On his last trip he even found me some 3D ones.

I was showing a friend all the stamps I had. He said he had no idea there were so many US stamps as he had only seen/used the flag ones.


@thestarsandthesky That’s so sweet!

@WattlePark Your sister sounds like she’s great at giving gifts. Zoo Poo is hilarious. None of my relatives have given me postcard sets yet, surprisingly.
I’m surprised when I hear some people have postcards just lying around, so I love the idea that some people do, maybe even in their “junk” drawer.

@meidans Your friends are very thoughtful. How wonderful that one even ordered special stamps for you!

@Selena I love how awfully specific those are. Those Nixon envelopes are pretty funny. :joy: