Postcard exhibition at the Nokia city library

Good news, everyone! Postcrossers @Minttuinkeri, @Silpa, @Anjusha and @Nintendo participated in a Postcrossing exhibition in their local library in Nokia, with a lottery for visitors! :slight_smile:

Minna sent us these pictures of the event, and I wanted to share them here on the forum, to inspire other postcrossers.


Congratulations @Minttuinkeri, @Silpa, @Anjusha and @Nintendo. Could you give a bit more information about the exhibition? Many thanks.


Wow, great job!

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What a terrific idea to do something like this‼️

I would love to know more about this project! Im a member of a school Philatelic club and it will be very fun to have a postcrossing exhibition like this! If it is possible to have a look at the paperwork or tell me how this exhibition works, do connect with me. I will make sure I jot these details down so that my club’s juniors can host one after the pandemic if they want :blush:

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@aH Great idea. Best of luck.

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Thank you! I remember first learning how to write postcards in a primary school English class but now they had changed the primary school syllabus so I’m not sure are the students younger than me even know that postcard writing can be done as a hobby, not just as a thing of the past.

I had once written postcards in front of my cousins (who are 9 and 11 years old) and they are very amazed by them! They took one of my written postcards and start to “imitate” the content lol, and wrote some postcards to their friends. This gave me a view that an event like this, though small, will attract the students to participate :blush:

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Thank you for the lovely post. Well done for encouraging others to write postcards.

I have seen schools exhibit artwork by students in Public Libraries before so why not postcards! Especially if it is related to a celebration, region or theme.

In one of the schools I worked the Geography Department held annual postcard competitions. Students would send postcards to the School in the summer from their holidays (whether at home / local or from abroad). These would make beautiful permanent displays.

Something else I have seen students do is write to elders in the community, e.g. a local home or hospice. These cards are much appreciated and treasured by the recipients.

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I’m interested to know how to postcard competitions work, as in how will the winners be determined? It’s a very awesome idea imo

My school is a modestly sized school with not too much space, so it will be difficult to make a permanent display. However, I think my club’s notice board have enough space to display a few different postcards every month :blush:

The teacher/judge would choose their favourite(s); it could depend on following instructions, writing a description or finding a special image. Or it could be done by drawing lots.

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Ooh, good to know. The history+ geography club in my school isn’t an active club, so I think my club can host a postcard writing competition with them in the future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thank you for mentioning that!

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Best of luck.

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Awesome! such a great idea