Postcard exchange with students 12-14 from Poland

Hello World!

I’m a teacher in a primary school in Bielsko-Biała, south of Poland. I work with students aged 12-14. We’ve recently began our postcrossing adventure in a form of a project encouraging students to use their language in a creative and real way. Unfortunately, using just the postcrossing system when you get a random address it doesn’t allow you to swap postcards with students from around the world (or at least you hardly ever get such an address).

That’s why I decided to invite you to a postcard exchange. Let us know where you’re from, what’s your city/town/village like, how you spend your free time, or anything worth interest, including some local landmarks, traditions, etc. We’ll be hapy with any postcard you send.

As for languages, English is the preferred one, though some of our students understand some basic Spanish and German.

If you’d like to exchange a postcard, send yours to the following address and we’ll send one back - just remember to include your school address, either here as a reply or in a private message.

Our school address:

Szkoła Podstawowa 27
ul. Z. Kossak-Szczuckiej 19

Stay safe and happy!
Izabela Laskowska


Hi Izabela, I’m not a teacher nor a student but I’m still willing to send a postcard to your students. I’m from Belgium. I’ve already sent cards to other schools and I enjoy telling the pupils something about my country or myself.
Let me know if you’re okay with me sending a card.
Happy Postcrossing, Bilitis

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I also neither a teacher nor a student, but I hope your students would like to receive a postcard from Sri Lanka. I am going to mail one in this weekend.

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I think they’ll be pleased to receive a postcard from you. The school’s address is in my post above and if you’re willing to receive one from us, send us your address.

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That’d be very nice - getting a postcard from far away is always exciting.
If you’d like to get a card from us, send us your address.

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Dear Izabela,
Good evening from Yokohama, Japan!
I would like to send cards about foods and landmarks of Hiroshima which I visited recently.
(It’s more of illustration than photograph, I hope they will like it)

If possible, I would love to hear their response!
Will attach my return address to the postcards so feel free to write me back any time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Dear Ayu!
We’ll gladly send you a postcard from Bielsko-Biała when we get your card.
Stay safe and happy!

Dear Ayu!
We’ll gladly send you a postcard from Bielsko-Biała when we get your card.
Stay safe and happy!

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Hi, Izabela.

I am art teacher in Spain and I currently have a group of 20 students around 13 years old. I wonder if it would suit you to arrange a more or less permanent swap.

Dear Patricia,

As for a permanent swap it’s hard to say, since our project was planned as a one-off exchange.
But if a student wishes to continue the exchange, I guess it would be possible.

My name is Diana, I am a student at a university in Russia! I recently started Postcrossing, I want to write a letter to your class and send a postcard as a souvenir!
I will indicate my address in the letter and if you want, you can answer me))))

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Dear Diana!
Thank you for your response. However, we’d preferably like to get not a letter, but an “ordinary” postcard and send one back to you. The postcards, together with a stamp, make up a whole.
If such a solution suits you, let us know :slight_smile:

Hello Alexandra!
Greetings from Taiwan!
I’m a 14 years old student.
I’m curious with changing postcards with your students. I’m learning Russian Geography now.
Tell me more about your exchange postcards plan with your students will be better.
Thank you!

I am also happy to share a postcard from the American southwest with your students.

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Dear friend
I am XuyangZheng from China
It is my great pleasure to send you a postcard.
I’d like to send you some postcard about the latest Chinese railway,which is my favorite.

Hi, Isabella. I am a teacher at a technical school. I am from Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region. If you are interested, I can send you a postcard.

Thank you. If you write the address on the postcard (or send me in a private message), I’ll give it to one of my students so that they can send you a card.

Hi, Tatiana. If you give me your school’s address, one of my students will send you a postcard.
Greetins from my snowy Bielsko-Biała :slight_smile:

Dear XuyangZheng!

We’ll be happy to receive your postcard. If you send us your address, we’ll send you a card back.

All the best,

Thanks for your appreciation.
My address is following:
Private address removed by the Administrator. Please use the email system to exchange addresses.