Postcard exchange between ESL students ( Young teenagers)

Hello !
I work for a language centre in France and wanted to start a postcard exchange between my group of young teenagers and other ESL young learners.
My group is quite small ( 7 students) but they are really motivated and really want to learn about other countries using English.

My idea was to find another teacher who would like to get their students to exchange a few postcards between now and June with my students.

I thought I could get my 7 students to write postcards in English and send them all together in one big envelope to your school, your students could then read and answer to each postcard in English and we could try and do this a couple of times before the summer ?

If you a interested please get in touch !

Hi, I’m interested in your project and expect my students (16-17 years old) to have chances to have a foreign pen pal. Though the number of my students would be much more than yours (about 60). I think I can group them into seven and write the postcards in turns. So, should I send postcards first?

Hi Jialin,
Thanks for your email.

Could you give me your email so we can email each other?
I may have a few more students interested.

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Wow, I’m so sorry that I missed this message!!!
I just answered another our message.
Sure, I’ll PM my email to you. :smiley:

This is so interesting, let’s send each other together.