Postcard Delivered after 32 Years!

Snail mail: Postcard sent in 1989 finally delivered

A British student’s postcard from the US has finally been delivered 32 years after it was sent.

Andrew Leslie, who was 25 at the time, posted the card to his dad, John, on 30 August 1989 while studying at The University of Michigan.

His mother Anne Leslie said she was left “mystified” when it finally arrived in Grimsby on Tuesday and was keen to learn what had happened.


Wow! This should be called sloth-mail rather than snail-mail!


Thanks for sharing this wonderful article!


Aww, I liked this article! Also, what a fun coincidence:

Andrew Leslie said he had a similar experience in the mid-80s when he found a postcard inside a novel at a second-hand bookshop in Lincoln.
He said: "It was stamped and addressed and written but it hadn’t been sent, but it had a date on it and the date was quite a long time, 10 to 15 years before.
“So I discreetly slipped the postcard into my pocket and put it in a post box.”
A few days later he found out that the card had been delivered when he read about it in the local paper.


Or glacial mail! Which might explain why it was finally delivered - what with global warming, it may have finally broken loose enough to complete it’s journey :wink:


Amazing story and gives hope for all those lost cards :smiley:
Thanks for sharing the story with us!


Interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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