Postcard Challenge: Surry Elementary 2nd Grade Class

Surry Elementary 2nd Grade Class with their Postcard Challenge

Back in 2020 we helped the Surry Elementary 2nd Grade Class with their Postcard Challenge. They are at it again, trying to collect postcards from each of the 50 states.

The reason they do the Postcard Challenge is that they are studying Geography, and want to fill their map with postcards from around the United States! So here’s how you can help…

Please have your friends and family from around the United States send a postcard to

Mrs. Osgood 2nd Grade Class
Surry Elementary School
754 North Bend Road
Surry, ME 04684

I thought some of you would want to mail this 2nd grade class a postcard.


Any need for Wisconsin still?

arizona on the way

Is Ohio accounted for?

Sending from North Carolina!

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Florida is on its way!

Sending Nevada :grinning:

OK. Posting a card from New York City. Regards, JamesC

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sc coming at you

Do you want Atlantic Canada too as a bonus? During the pandemic when I couldn’t get across the boarder to visit my family, we went to Briar Island NS and I stood their picking up the radio signals from Maine. It made me feel a bit better.

The state of Texas is on its way today