Postcard Challenge - postcards from Olympic nations!

Hello everyone!

Our class is involved in an annual project on the Olympic games, which will take place in our country, (France). In order to connect with nations all around the world, our challenge consists in collecting postcards from each of the 206 nations/countries participating to the Olympic Games!
If you’d like to help, please write and send us a postcard :mailbox_with_mail: with your class representing your nation/country to the address on the picture and we will send you a postcard from France or share this message so that it can spread all around the world!

Thanks for reading us! Can’t wait to hear from you!


mailing one in the morning, from Texas!!

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I will send a card from India

I’ll be happy to send you a card from Japan :smiley:
PM sent

PM sent from Germany

PM sent from Italy :it:

Thanks a lot! can’t wait to receive your postcard!

I Will send card from Brazil.

We hosted the Olympics in 1996. I can send a card🙋🏼‍♀️

I’ll send you a postcard from Norway.

I will send a card from Taiwan

I’ll send one from Canada😃

Dear Mrs Djebbar,
we will send you a postcard from Greece ,the birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Games and we would love to receive a postcard from you.
Mrs Vicky Giannopoulou
21st Primary School of Peristeri
Athinas and Proskopon str
12137 Peristeri

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Will send one from HK