Postcard Box Directory (wiki)

Anybody know list of bookstores and countries in This Is My Bookstore: 100 Postcards of Beautiful Shops around the World?

How have I never come across this wiki before :open_mouth: I never knew there were so many postcard boxes :heart_eyes:

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I don’t know how to edit the list but I found these two boxes of postcards that are very intriguing. I particularly like the one on the left.


This post does not appear to be a Wiki anymore. There is no edit button showing.

Here’s another for your list:

The Wild Cards - 100 Postcard set

I’ve got these boxes I cannot find in the first post.

Life is a box: 100 postcards
Littlest Pet Shop 100 cards
Bunnies in a Box. The Bunny Suicide Postcard Collection. 40 cards
50 ans 10/18 50 rencontres
Du Chat by Philippe Geluck 100 cards
Raving Rabbids 1. 50 cards
Raving Rabbids 2. 50 cards
The Little Prince 50 cards

Thanks for keeping this all updated!


This directory was said to be a wiki, but it seemed not to be, so I’ve changed it to one now. You can add missing boxes yourself according to the instruction in the first post. :confetti_ball:

I’ve updated untill @Shalottslady’s post and also added:
Bill Cunningham: Details from the Street
Good night stories for rebel girls
Rad American Women A-Z Postcards
Women in Art: 100 Postcards
Dungeons & Dragons 100 Postcards: Archival Art from Every Edition


You are a darling! :heart:

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Would there also be an interest in a Postcard Book Directory? Or should it be included in this Postcard Box Directory, maybe as a separate table?

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OMG should I say thank you or ohhhhh no…… this is sooooooo good to know…

There are a few here that would be wonderful to have…….

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Are we allowed to add links to postcard boxes that aren’t for sale on Amazon? I have this box, but can’t find it anywhere on Amazon.


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Yes sure, any link is helpful so people know which particular box it is. It was just the easiest to find the amazonlink :upside_down_face:

The link for the Marimekko 100 cards box links to a different box (also pretty cool though :star_struck:), here’s the correct link Marimekko Postcard Box: 100 postcards

Also there’s a Marimekko: 50 postcards box set.

I added the Clark Little: The Art of Waves Postcard Boxed Set to the Wiki.


Please keep in mind that this is not a Talk Topic about your favourite Postcard Boxes and therefore I moved some posts to :arrow_right: What is your favorite postcard box?

I’ve just added
The Disney Animation Postcard Box: 100 Collectible Postcards

Hi. Has this post returned to a non wiki state? Or am I just missing the edit button?

I can add cards as a reply of course, if that’s the only way currently.


Hi! It is still a wiki, but you need to gain trust level 1 (Basic) to edit a wiki. You should get it pretty fast when you spend some time in the forum and read a few topics.

ahh, understood. I’ve been postcrossing a couple years but yes, I’m new to the forum.