Postcard album / Sizes 4.25"

Do you know where to buy a postcard album with pages that will fit postcards that measure 4.25" x 5.6"?

Moved to #communities:north-america as this topic is for North American residents and for U.S. customary units. Thanks.

I use these 4x6 photo pages from Amazon and put them into a 3-ring binder. Be sure to get this specific brand and not the others (I’ve tried about 4 other brands and frequently have the problem of postcards not fitting). Even though it’s labeled 4x6, there’s enough extra room that almost all standard sized postcards fit, even the 4.25 ones. There are still a few that are too wide, and those I just put in the top pocket. As long as they aren’t longer than 6" they will fit there.

For extra large, panoramic, and odd shaped postcards I use some variation of these. Brand, doesn’t matter for these, but they can damage your postcards if you aren’t careful. I put a sheet of tinfoil behind my postcards to protect them.

Many, many thanks! I’ll order right away.

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