✅ “postbot” available as username

A programming oversight exists where the string “postbot” is currently available as a valid Postcrossing username. This could result in the Postcrossing page of forum bot “postbot” (should not exist) being used by a user.

It can be fixed by removing the link to the Postcrossing page of bot or block “postbot” from being used as a username on Postcrossing.

(Depending on global settings, Discourse may fix a duplicated username by automatically applying a suffix, so the crucial forum function should not be affected)


And I just found two postcrossers who are called “All” and “everybody”. Let’s hope they never find this forum so that they are not spammed by @all and @everybody :wink:
“postbot” could be dangerous though


In “my” old forum where I’ve been a Co-Admin we set something wrong during testing. You didn’t have to put “@” before the name. Then we had a user who named himself “Niemand” (the German word for “nobody”). So everytime when someone used the word “niemand” in a sentence this user got a notification that he was mentioned.

But…to be honest…I had to smile a bit about that :see_no_evil:


Good point! I just added postbot to the (long! :see_no_evil:) list of invalid username patterns. Thank you for reminding us of this!


@Feuerstuhl really a username @ all ?
Thats funny.

Yes, apparently someone called “Alla”, username “All”, hasn’t been online for two years though

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@paulo I can confirm that any attempt to use “postbot” as user name will return invalid now.

I think there should be one more: system

system is still available as a Postcrossing username. While Discourse @system have few interaction with users when compared to @postbot, it’s an agent that handles topics creation & deletion, etc, which should be protected.


Also a good point — I added system too :+1:.