Hi guys,

Just wanted to know if some of you have already bought some stamps on Postbeeld website.

Have a nice day !

Yes, I have and was happy with my order. Fast, easy and well packed. The most stamps you will however find cheaper on other platforms.

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Thank you, Dustin ! What are the other platforms ?

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You can always try eBay, but among stamp collectors Delcampe and Hipstamps are popular, although I have never tried these. I think it always depends on what stamps you want for which purpose. If you want specific mint stamps for a collection Postbeeld is great. If you want just any uncommon mint stamps for postage I would look on eBay. If you want used stamps for a collection Hipstamps is apparently the most popular. On Delcampe you can find all of these.


Thank you very much for your help, Dustin !!

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I’ve had a bad experience with On 16th March (24 days ago), I paid them €54.00 for stamps. They have not been delivered (normally post takes about 5 days between Netherlands and Ireland). When I contacted them about it they blamed the postal service saying that I should have paid for registered post. No sympathy or no positive gesture from them. I would not recommend Postbeeld to collectors. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have ordered on Postbeeld multiple times, the prices are higher but to me the advantage is that you can by multiple things at once so the shipping cost are low if you buy a lot of items. I have always been very satifsfied with my orders but Delcampe is the way to go for me, it is very easy to use and you are usually buying from other stamp collectors so they are very understanding and helpfull if something goes wrong and they tend to use beautiful stamps on their mail which to me is a big plus :smile: