Postaljack reviews please!1

Has anyone outside of Russia ordered from postaljack yet? Is it a safe site?
I’m looking for your opinion! Thank you for your feedback!

Hi there,

No idea if you can read this message or not because it’s been quite a time since you posted this.

I’ve just received postcards from postaljack and I live in China. It is absolutely safe site as far as I am concerned. If you need to use international delivery, they will calculate your package after you place an order. They offer two choices - with or without a tracking number and you can pay by PayPal or credit card. I chose the package without tracking numbers since I was able to receive postcards or letters from Russia before, so I reckon a tracking number is not very necessary. But if you want to make sure of it, you can surely choose a tracked package. And if so, they will give you the number, or they will give you a picture of the package before they send it.

Their postcards are of high quality and I like them very much. I hope you will find this message useful.

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By the way, they offer international delivery by air :slight_smile:

thank you @Caroline0810 !
I ordered from them for the second time last week and I must say, the customer service is excellent!!