Postal strike

Do any if you have recommendations as to how to work around the postal strike days? I made the mistake of pulling some official addresses this week, but haven’t posted them yet as I don’t want them languishing at the bottom of a delayed heap. When do you think would be best to put them in box?

Hi, I just post them as normal, it has not affected the postal delivery much more than normal. Not that I have found. I am not able to go to a post box daily, so I just carry on as normal. As far as I am concerned, they are in the system.


I agree.

@xxxxyyyyzzzz I think the post office just recommends getting your items in the post as early as possible

the strikes seem to be only one day at a time, so if you put the cards/post in the evening of the strike day, they should be picked up in the first collection of the next day (assuming it’s not a sunday)

… Or first thing on the day after a strike day, put your postcards in the box, then they will be at the top and not crushed by two days worth of post in a busy area.