Postal Service in Ross Dependency

Is the Postal Service in Ross Dependency done my New Zealand Post?
and what is the postage to send a postcard from Ross Dependency to other countries?
Do they accept international reply coupon?

I’ll note this information is just from Wikipedia and I have no personal experience with the Ross Dependency.

It says there that the Post Office on Scott Base in the Ross Dependency closed in 1987, and all postal activities of the Dependency are managed from a Philatelic Bureau in Christchurch from which it is possible to send mail with Ross Dependency stamps. It is worth writing to them with an IRC.

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but do they really accept IRC?
Some countries are in UPU but they don’t accept IRC in reality, although they should.

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I hope this helps:

The Ross Dependency Post Office was closed on 30th September 1987 due to “financial
reasons”. Mail is still able to be posted at Scott Base, and Ross Dependency stamps are still
used, but all mail posted at Scott Base is now sent to Christchurch, where the Scott Base
postmark is applied.

New Zealand post produces Ross Dependency stamp issues once a year, in November, and the issues remain available for purchase for at least that long also. You CAN NOT use New Zealand stamps on mail that is to be postmarked with the Dependency Agency postmark.

The postage to send is the same as sending a postcard from NZ, $3.30 NZD worldwide.

NZpost does not use International Reply Coupons anymore.