Postal restrictions from Turkey to other countries

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Turkey has been one of those countries from which it’s been tricky to find reliable information about which countries mail can be sent to. :disappointed: We receive scattered reports of mail not working for some countries, but have no way to confirm them, or check when the restrictions have been lifted.

So I’d like to ask for Turkish postcrossers’ help in this task.

Is there perhaps a page on PTT’s website or social media accounts where this information is made public? Or, if not, could someone perhaps contact their customer support to ask for a list of countries to which mail can be sent from Turkey? We’re interested only in letters and postcards, sent via airmail or surface mail (so not interested in parcel service, EMS or other priority services).

Any help would be appreciated!

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if target country has no diplomatic relation with turkey, mails can be delayed or stopped by ptt but this sanctions are not steady, mostly short-term and variable that’s why ptt has no list to clarify it. if you need to make a list about it you can add these countries such as cyprus, armenia, but as i said before there is no spesific ban/limitation to mail.

Hi Bugra, thank you for your help.

We definitely understand the issue with diplomatic relations, but it’s strange to us that PTT cannot make a list of destinations affected by the pandemic restrictions, when most other countries out there do publish their lists. It’s the only way for their customers to be informed of current restrictions, and not try to mail something to a country to which there are no connections. Turkish users are risking that postcards (or other mail) is stuck in a warehouse for months until a flight is available… and that is just sad and needless. :disappointed:


There is a page on postal restrictions on PTT’s website:

Ekran Görüntüsü (4294)
Ekran Görüntüsü (4295)


Thank you SO MUCH for this precious update! :heart_eyes: :pray:

This is super helpful, and we’ve already updated the Postal Monitor with this information. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the page for future changes as well.