Postal office workers: what can we (snail mail senders) do to support local post offices?

The post office in my village is the only one for some distance, and while it doesn’t seem at risk of closing down, i thought that about the village bank and that’s gone.

This PO is one of those PO/newsagents owned by a family, not directly by RM.

So I’m wondering, aside from just buying stuff in them, what can I do to support it?

(And, selfishly, make them like me so they’ll maybe hand cancel my postcards)

For example, I read somewhere that asking for proof of postage means that the PO can claim it as revenue, even if the stamps were bought elsewhere. Is this true?


I tell you what I do & is only a suggestion. About 99% of my shipping/mailing/buying stamps, etc. I do at my local branch. After the holidays hoopla is over, in late December, early January, I buy three Amazon gift cards for the (3) counter clerks that handle most of my transactions. I insert the cards inside a thank you note card w/ envelope. That is what I do.


If you send parcels, the post office gets more money from Royal Mail if they affix one of those printed labels on, instead of using postage stamps.

I found the stamp retailer thing on the RM website… They don’t get a lot of money either for selling books of stamps…

No idea on the proof of postage, but there is a forum, Royal Mail Chat (Message board for Royal Mail employees and customers, also has a section for Post Office)… perhaps you could ask there. I haven’t visited there for a while.

For the non-post office stuff, make use of them as a newsagents, if you are buyer/reader of magazines/newspapers.

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