Postal Magazines

Does post offices in your country release postal magazines?

Here in Singapore’s SingPost, every few months, a new magazine will be issued out. Inside, there will be beautiful spreads of new stamps, cards, or postal gifts that have just been issued/made. They are really interesting to look at, and they even have a small paragraph on each page to talk about and explain the items there.

here are some examples:


Yes, the German one is called Postfrisch and this is the current issue.

They also show new stamps and FDI postmarks.

Weirdly, much of the magazine is about coins. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In Italy sadly we haven’t :cry:

Switzerland has the magnifier, that is issued four times per year in three languages “La Lente” (italian), “Die Lupe” (german), “La Loupe” (french).

United Nations has Fascination, issued in four languages (english, french, german, italian) with no fixed date.


USA Philatelic
issued quarterly and is also available as pdf to download. Shows current stamps, collectibles etc


We have a magazine issued here in Ireland by An Post, its for stamp collectors:


I thought you might be interested to know about magazines related to postal stuff (or the field of interest called philately), in National Library Building in the area of Bugis, Singapore. @rebelxxy

Magazines such as Gibbons Stamp Monthly are in Level B1 of National Library Building.

I’ve personally found Gibbons Stamp Monthly to be highly informative and interesting (but perhaps some may criticise it for being a little Euro-centric).

I hope you find it interesting too. :slight_smile:

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Yes, Correos in Spain publishes this bulletin (paper and digital):

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Thank you for telling me this! Time to take a long trip to Bugis during my November school Holidays.

It is my pleasure and Christian duty :slightly_smiling_face: