Postage of sending a postcard from New Caledonia to another country

Hi everyone. I just got some New Caledonia postcard from postcards market. I want to send them to a post office in New Caledonia with some local stamps, asking them to send those postcards back to me and my friends. I just wanna ask what is the postage to send a postcard from new Caledonia to another country? is it gonna be the same as sending a postcard from France(metropolitan) to another country? and do they have their local stamps? may I use France(metropolitan) stamps if they don’t? Thank you

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and what is this stamp for? is it for send a postcard from New Caledonia to other France territory or to other country??

New Caledonia has locally issued stamps, but postage prices vary because the currency used is different from that of metropolitan France (the same as the French overseas territories of French Polynesia, Valiz and Futuna use the Pacific Settlement Franc as the currency). Postcard postage rates sent to the world in New Caledonia can be found on the official website of the local postal department:

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