Postage of 100g letter from Chile to China

Hello everyone!
My friend has a letter to send to Chile recently. She needs to put the postage in her letter for the recipient to reply. Somehow she couldn’t log on the official website of Chile and she doesn’t know how much should she put. If anyone knows the postage of a 100g letter from Chile to China, please kindly leave a comment, it will be very helpful. Thank you in advance!

The closest I get is the thread Prices of stamps for postcards in all countries/territories (wiki), but it’s for a stamp needed for a postcard.

One option is to include an International Reply Coupon in the letter. Then she doesn’t have to figure out the correct postage from Chile to China.


Maybe @seba_flores can help?

Unfortunately the CorreosChile website is having some issues and they don’t display the values on the Calculator.

I honestly don’t know the exact amount, because the values ​​published by Correos de Chile may vary according to the city where the letters are sent from (whether national or international), and sometimes the values ​​published on the internet may be out of date (there was a new fare increase for some mail services last week). The most reliable option is to go directly to the Post Office from where you will send the letter and check the exact value with the person who attends the counter. It can be tedious but unfortunately it is the best way to have more accurate data. If I get some new información I’ll be glad to post it here.

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Many thanks to all the replies! :blush:
I’ll let my friend know about all the information above.