Post prices in North Macedonia

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Please can anyone help? I would like to know the price of sending postcards from North Macedonia to Europe and the rest of the world, but sadly the price calculator is only available in Macedonian on the website. Does anyone know the current prices?

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if you connect translate the page into english - had to repeat the command, from macedonia to germany (just choose a country in europe), it said 34 MKD for a postcard. but someone else might know better.

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In April 2022, I sent four postcards from North Macedonia to Russia, and the cost was 40 denars for each one. The postcards to other countries such as Germany were a different amount, but I can’t remember if they were more or less. For a person who is not from there, doesn’t speak the language, and cannot read Cyrillic, the experience inside the post office felt very confusing and exceptionally bureaucratic. I went inside with someone to help me, otherwise it felt impossible. If you’re in Skopje, don’t miss the amazing brutalist Post Office HQ. Feel free to DM if you’d like more details.


Surface rate for international postcard (standard size) is 30 North Macedonian Denar
Airmail every country is individual.

A Macedonian postcrosser told me, there is no speed difference between surface and airmail.

I would highly recommande to post your postcards at the post office. I have posted postcards in a postbox, they were cancelled two and half month later!

You get wonderful stamps at the main post office in Skopje (they have a philatelic counter), it is close to the train station.


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Thank you so very much for all the replies and for the help so quickly too, I really appreciate it.

I am looking forward to seeing the brutalist main post office in Skopje and I will ensure I buy my stamps and post my cards there.

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Hi, enjoy Skopje and Macedonia, I really really loved that country!
If you send to European countries it costs 30, if you send to non-European it’s 34.
I advise you to go to the Skopje free tour, it’s great!

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