Post it on postcards - possible?


I was wondering if anyone had tried attaching a post it (with tape to prevent it from falling off the postcard!) and mailing it before?

I ask because postcards, as you know, are small and don’t have much space to write on. I find that I want to go into explaining the scene of the postcard itself - but that means even less space for my message.

Hence I thought of using a post it to explain the scene. Would it be possible? Or would there be a surcharge tagged on by the post office? :thinking:

Edit to add that there is a price difference for us here when it comes to mailing the postcard itself versus mailing it in an envelope.

Thoughts welcome!

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Once I attached stamps like this:

Corner stickers and foil on the top with some tape around.
I believe they arrived.


Yes, this works, I did this a few times (once it was also a little envelope, if I remember right.

Just make sure your post it or washi tape sticks well on the card.

I also once got a card from canada with a post it, i guess it was accidentaly left here, as there was no information on it, and holds itself onto the card with no additional washi tape.

I received this card from Taiwan, it arrived in perfect shape. The note was to protect an underlying stamp.


You can do a lot more then just a postit and its no surcharge.
Stay under 50gr and 1cm height and it will be ok .

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You can use postit, another postcard and a pocket. Use cheap washi tape, which it’s easily removable to tape it around the border without covering the stamps or address area. I’ve used a paper to cover the entire photo of the postcard so that the person removes the washi and paper and the postcard is streak free.


Yes! :person_raising_hand:

I do a combo of the full sticky note + frame of removable tape. (Personally not into washi tape)

Works like a charm. I use it mainly when I’m sending erotica cards and recipient doesn’t want an envelope.


ive got a few like these
have to be taped really well or my local post office sorting machines just rip the whole thing off :sweat_smile:

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I received a few postcards that where extended this way. So it is surely worth a try.

Update: The post-it managed to go through, thank you to @Molletje for letting me know!

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I just sent a postcard and washitaped on the picture side a fridgemagnet. It goes to the country with the worldwide most agressive sorting machines.
I trust that the card will make it. But if the magnet…

One time i used a postit note and washi tape to make a pocket on a postcard and put stamps in there for a person who said they liked stamps. They were pretty happy with it and it made it there safely

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