Post Crossing ID's

How do I send an ID reference for a direct sent postcard; that is not via an address that was requested. Also why can’t we upload other postcards we receive from direct sends on to our wall? I think this site could be improved to provide the ability to do that. We should be able to put all our postcards up for all to see. I sent postcards direct to someone who wanted a post crossing ID and it’s horrible not to be able to give one to that person.


Hello and no need to be angry…

Direct swaps are not an official Postcrossing activity. The site and the forum only provide a platform for people to agree to swap. As opposed to the postcard you send to random members with ID. You can find this in the site’s FAQs:

Some members exchange postcards directly between them — we call those direct swaps. They are organized by the members themselves, often in the forum. Since they are not tracked by Postcrossing, they do not have Postcard IDs associated with them.

To help members know if another postcrosser is interested in direct swaps or not, we allow profiles to display that preference. This way, members who are interested in doing direct swaps are easier to find and members who do not wish to participate can clearly state so.

Please note that direct swaps are not an official Postcrossing activity. If you engage in a direct swap with another person, keep in mind that those are not monitored by Postcrossing in any way…. so we will not be able to help you if you have problems with any direct swaps you participate in.

When you request a random address on the site, you get an ID, when you organise a swap you just agree with the other person.

I don’t understand what you are saying… How can someone want an ID? If you request an address, the other person won’t know they are getting a card from you, that’s the whole point! And if you agreed a swap, then no need for ID…


They are 2 completely separate systems & only the official cards through the Postcrossing website have IDs & whose images can be posted on the site.

Everything done in the Forum like direct swaps & tags etc are between you & the people you exchange with. Postcrossing is very clear about that in their guidelines.


Postcrossing needs bigger data storage to implement this and it means money, money, money…

Flickr pro requires you to pay to be able to upload more than 1000 pictures. Do you want to pay for… let’s say Postcrossing pro? :sweat_smile:
And I believe Postcrossing will never implement it :sweat_smile:


Did the person you agreed to send a card to ask you to include a Postcrossing ID? If so, maybe they meant your username so they can identify who the card comes from when it arrives.


The simple solution to having people see your postcards is to get, as Yudi pointed out, an online album. You can pay for Flickr, or you can use an online album that I and many others use - Zonerama - which is Free. Problem solved.

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Aaah that’s a good interpretation! I always think of ID as the number but people might mean something different or speak English in different ways.

If the address has not been reqiested, then where did you get the ID from? Do you mean a Postcrossing-ID like AU-1234567 or DE-10432567 or what do you mean?