Possibility to define postcard cover

Hello, I have recently written my first postcard for Postcrossing :smile:. Although I ended up finding only an abstract art related postcard and for this reason I started fretting a little on what my swap partner would prefer to receive, such as wondering if maybe a postcard about a local scenery would be better. As a result I thought maybe there could be a feature on the website for selecting postcard cover, especially seeing as others more experienced are avid collectors. On a side note, I have requested but haven’t yet joined a group, in any case I wished to leave this suggestion here. Thanks

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You will develop a feel for it pretty soon. Many people have local scenes around as a default postcard, especially if you live in a pretty or culturally interesting area. And then develop collections of cards for things they are interested in themselves, which gives something to share when they are going to send cards to others with similar interests. Some people also create collections of cards that a lot of people like - cats, art, lighthouses, Harry Potter come up frequently. But personally I think it’s most fun if you find what pleases you and have those cards around, then try to find what’s the best fit for the receiver from among the cards you have.

Ultimately its the card and the connection which you offer, together, so don’t stress too much. Whatever you send is a gift to the receiver.

Cheers and have fun!


Do you mean that you want a feature where you can choose to only be assigned a profile which wishes for art postcards for instance?

Remember that the golden rule is “send a postcard, receive a postcard”. So you are free to send whichever postcard you have and want to send. No need to fulfill wishes. Just write a nice message and send the postcard.


Well yes, but I also meant like a feature for defining whether a member has a preference. Because I am not as experienced I noticed you have your Norway_girl's postcard wishlist - Google Docs and I simply thought if you happened to be my swap partner it would look better for me if I were made aware of about it on the main site before I send my postcard. You’re right @Norway_girl, and thank you for the suggestions @TwasBrillig, I’m reassured all of a sudden.

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Lots of people write down cards they would like to receive on their profile. You can also check which cards they have favourited to see what they like. Another option is to select something based on what they write about themselves on their profile. For example if they have a pet or they enjoy doing a certain hobby, you could select something related to that. :smiley:

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