Pos Malaysia digantung

Pos Malaysia telah menangguhkan perkhidmatan mel keluar ke semua destinasi kecuali Singapura sejak 1 Ogos 2020. Ada sesiapa mengetahui bila perkhidmatan akan disambung semula?

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If i am not mistaken, until now only Express Mail Service (EMS) is available. This is the news that I saw in POS MALAYSIA website. Here is the link:

For more news related: https://www.pos.com.my/news-info

I pun tak tau bila perkhidmatan akan disambungkan. Kini, hanya EMS servis disediakan. Inilah yang maklumat saya tau dari POS MALAYSIA website.


I concur with your findings. Regretfully, EMS has higher rates compared to the postage costs for postcards.

To date Pos Malaysia’s FAQ & Pressroom sections have yet to confirm when the (non-EMS) international mail service will resume.


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