[POLL] polacards, X(X)L cards, envelopes—yes or no and why

I hope, this in the right category. I would like to know whether you like polacards, XL/XXL cards or not. And also, if you like your postcards in an envelope or rather not.

And why. :wink:

  • Polacards — yes, reminds me of good old days
  • Polacards — just no
  • XL cards — the bigger, the better
  • XL cards — nope
  • XXL cards — yes, more space for a message (or bigger handwriting)
  • XXL cards — no, never
  • Envelope — of course
  • Envelope — hell, nooo
  • I like butterflies, anyway.

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What is a polacard? When I google it, google thinks I mean placard and shows me the results for that!

Cards made to look like polaroid photos. Most of the time, that leads to a slightly “off” format.

Like this:

Personally, I like them a lot!


I had to google Polacards too and decided that I like them! Good to see the butterflies getting the likes they deserve too :joy: