- Pokemon Trainer Walking X Tamsui Meetup - MAY 27th, 2023

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Tamsui of New Taipei City, Taiwan
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: One Cat :kissing_cat: Need more sleep Cafe
( No. 20, Yingzhuan Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City,Taiwan (R.O.C.) )
:calendar: DATE: MAY 27th, 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: AM 11:00 - PM 15:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
We have prepared three kinds of recreation activity to win the meetup gifts
(Flash Card, Guess Pokemon, etc…)
and the most important to Writing, Sending and Sharing Postcards :smiling_face:
Transfer Pokemon GO Gimmighoul box from switch
:seedling:Fee: 120NTD for each person( including Venue fee, A cup of drink, Five Meetup cards)

:postbox: 15-20 participants only
Quota limited, register in advance.
If you would like to join or receive the meetup card
:postbox:Please feel free to comments or send messages via U2U or contact:

————— FULL —————
:postbox: WHO has joined?

  1. Komimi Chen
  2. @ejru
  3. @yeh
  4. @henna168
  5. @em61833
  6. @debbiepost99
  7. Joyce Chen
  8. Betty Lin
  9. A-guan Hsu
  10. @postcardssy
  11. @fei_postcard
  12. Jackly Hong
  13. @ShuXuanLin
  14. Alisen Yun
  15. @Superchick3
  16. @Anniewu23
  17. @Lily_in_Taiwan
  18. @DavinaTai
  19. MuMu Lin
  20. AnAn
  21. AnAn husband
    ————— FULL —————

:triangular_flag_on_post: Pokemon Trainer Walking X Tamsui Meetup
大家好 ~ 這裡是 寶可夢玩家聚會 第三彈

  1. 歡迎片友/寶友參加
    (一起來淡水走走吧 :partying_face:)
  2. 明信片火燒屁股繪製中
    (預計本周內完成 :pleading_face:)
  3. 所有 款項/明信片 當天交收
    (再麻煩盡量自備剛好的款項 :pray:)
  4. 希望與會者能盡量全程參與
    (報名未到主辦會哭哭 :face_holding_back_tears:)
  5. 報名請這邊留言 or U2U私訊 or 寄信至oyakomi@gmail.com
    (名額有限速速敲 :woman_fairy:)
  6. 聚會後歡迎一起續攤淡水走走兼玩Pokemon GO
    ( :star_struck: :sunrise: :+1:)



期待meetup片 :star_struck:

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讓我寄張片和您分享 :postbox:

I can attend. I’ve never played Pokemon go so I hope you all can teach me

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@Superchick3 Thank you for joined :blush: Of course, not only pokemon go trainer but also all the postcard lover, postcrosser, new for postcard collector are WELCOME :tada:

Here have recreational activities on the meetup to win the meetup gifts, I should try to explain how to start in English! Will try to my best :laughing:

See you in Tamsui :partying_face:


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@Anniewu23 歡迎參加 :star_struck::heart_hands:
@ripple7832 謝謝 :kissing_closed_eyes: 有機會再一起玩唷~我們再寄片和妳分享 :postbox:

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@vivainochi 請問還有名額可以報名嗎?想參加+1

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Hi, I’m from Russia
Would be interested in a swap
Offer here - Swap | Flickr


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感謝參加! 歡迎新朋友 :partying_face: 淡水見唷!

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I love pokemon! Can someone swap with me? I can send a card from Türkiye :face_holding_back_tears:

飲料可以滴 非常感謝你!!

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Hi. Is someone interested in a Swap?

Greetings Alexander