Please tell me your favorite stamp designers in your country

Did you know that each country has a set of stamp designers/artists that they work with over and over again?

I have a blog where I interview stamp designers (and postcard artists). For my stamp designer interviews, I’d like to see a wider variety of countries represented. So far I have interviewed stamp artists/designers from UK, Australia, Singapore, US, and Portugal. Some of you have already sent me ideas, which I’ve pursued (thank you!). Today I’ve sent requests to stamp designers from India, Canada, Japan, Germany (this fellow and this gal), and Finland. I’ve also reached out to the duo who designed the EUROPA 2023 peace design that so many countries adopted.

Do you have any ideas for me? Or stamps you particularly love in your country, so that I can research who was the artist/designer on it? I will also look back through this whole section of the Forum to see what favorites emerge.


Hello, nice topic :slight_smile:
I love Czech stamps made by Libuše Knotková and Jaromir Knotek (couple “Knotkovi” in Czech) in my opinion, they make the most beautiful Czech stamps.
For example:


If you asked me (and you did) I would say that
Erik Bruun is “The Stamp Designer” of Finland, no doubt.
Here´s some examples and a link:

eb linnat

eb linnut

eb laulujoutsen

I would like to mention also Signe Hammarsten-Jansson (Tove Jansson´s mother).
She designed Finnish stamps for several decades.


André Buzin used to design the Belgian series about birds and animals.

François Schuiten is a famous Belgian comic artist. But he has also designed some stamps. His style is recognizable. Here are some of the stamps that he designed for the Belgian post services :

This stamp is about the Belgian scientific station in Antarctica.

This series is about the Belgian locomotive type 12, nicknamed “La Douce” (“The Sweet”). He made a comic book about this locomotive.

He also designed these ones :

This series celebrates Brussels as the European cultural capital in 2000.


This stamp celebrates Henry van de Velde, a famous Belgian architect of Art Nouveau style.

François Schuiten is not only a comic artist or a stamp designer. He also builds up exhibitions, among other things, for the Train Museum in Brussels. He is a supporter of the Art Nouveau style. So he took part to the restoration of the House Autrique, one of the first Art Nouveau works of Victor Horta. He made some interiors in the suburban station of Porte de Hal in Brussels.

In 2024, the Belgian post services will publish a series which will be only dedicated to the sending inside Belgium. This series is designed by Brecht Evens, also a comic artist. His very colourful style is also recognizable :


I have forgotten to mention Clotilde Olyff, a Belgian female typographer, born in 1962.

She has taught typography in the Belgian art schools La Cambre and 75, located in Brussels.

She designed a lot of stamp series for the Belgian post services. Here are some stamps that she designed :

I had some difficulties to use some stamps from this series because they are about quite touchy subjects.

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@bencoste @Wildurf and @changaj, this is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for your insight and also just for taking the time to pull these recommendations together.


I’m currently living in Rotterdam and the set of my favourite Dutch stamps was designed here as well by 75B agency and one of it’s directors’ Pieter Vos.

They tried to make stamps attractive for the kids and created them looking more like stickers rather than boring rectangular paper pieces, a nice couple: a postal hedgehog and a carrier pigeon in bright colours. Many stamps collectors find them ugly but I think they were innovative and am always happy to use them.


My favourite stamp designer is Marijke Meersman. She did some illustrations of plants and animals.


One stamp designer I’ll like to highlight is Alynn Teo
It’s a pity I got into this hobby a little late - I missed out on her earlier works!

2018 Festivals

2017 Marine Life - Joint Issue with Indonesia

2016 50th Anniversary of Singapore Youth Festival

2014 50th Anniversary of Tourism in Singapore

2013 Singapore’s Globalisation Journey


Thank you, @seracker! You know I trust your judgment implicitly on this :slight_smile:

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Wow, I love these - thank you!! I just reached out to her!

Thank you for sharing. These make me happy! I love the alternative shapes. I’ll reach out to the studio!

I also appreciate that in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, there is an effort made to create stamps for children. We don’t do that in the US. I wish we did.

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Hi! I love this topic
I had a friend who designed stamps for my country (Chile) and she sadly passed away last year, so I would like this opportunity to share some of her stamps with you



These designs are beautiful and show so much talent. Thank you so much for sharing.

Michelle Dujardin :netherlands:


Hello CStar9

I like the december stamps 2023 from Linde Faas ( a lot, so cute and a lot is happening on those tiny images, look:


@nocsiz and @Haswandje - I will reach out to both of these artists! Thank you!!

One of my favorites is Kam Mak, he is from Hong Kong and moved to the United States at a young age and became an artist. He designed all 12 of the stamps in the Celebrating Lunar New Year series created by the USPS, as well as the Koi Fish stamp printed on the stamped cards in 2009. I met him at the stamp dedication ceremony for one of the stamps he designed and had a chat with him, great guy, would definitely recommend.

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