Please make it possible that recipient can delete the postcard on his wall separately

I would very much appreciate if it would be possible that if a recipient receives his cards and delete it from his wall, it would stay on the senders wall. It is actually very sad, that the recipient can delete for the sender as well. :confused:


Good idea. :+1:

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What? If someone I send a card to deletes it from their wall then it disappears from my wall too? How odd.

I also like this idea!

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Yes unfortunately, just gad it yesterday with a (in my opinion) beautiful card :confused:

This happened to me once as well… The recipient collected cows, and had cow cards on her wall. I sent a beautiful Bavarian cow card, the recipient thanked me - but the picture I had uploaded was gone… :frowning: I wondered whether I should ask why, but didn’t do it in the end.

P.S.: As a postcard is linked to its ID, I can’t imagine how it should technically be possible to show a picture on just one wall?

I would like this idea. I often find cards from old collections sold at second-hand shops, meaning that I have only one copy of the card and will probably never find another one. Really sadness me to not have it on my wall. Of course it is still in folder on my laptop, but it is not same thing as casually browsing the wall and seeing all the cards I have sent.

But I am not sure how this would be technically possible :confused: We might just have to live with it.


It always depends on the programming that I agree on. But this is something the programmer of the page need to response to :wink: everything else would be just a explanation out of the blue trust me.

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Good idea, but: then there should be option to flag the “sent” picture.

I have only deleted pictures that were not the card I received, a picture showing my address, and picture, that didn’t do the justice to the card (and I re uploaded).

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Agree. I do understand if people delete pictures which are wrong or simply do not fit the card. Also if my address would be shown, yes i should be able to delete it. It may be an issue with that idea. Because i do understand if people scan addresses and than can keep the image this can be bad. Or, there is a delete for sender on purpose option. Like “My address is showing” that could work :slight_smile:

I would also like the opportunity to delete an image from my wall that the recipient uploaded after receiving the card. It can stay on their wall- I don’t have problem with that. One time a person deleted my image and put something completely different, and now it will have to stay on my wall indefinitely…:frowning:

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But then you’d have to wait some time until the moderators Look at it - and for that time, your address would be openly visible to everyone.

Well, not really, you could have a status under verification which would for example blur out the image etc. there Are a lot of possibilities though

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Wow. That is weird. :puzzled:

I’d love that option! I know the recipient has the right to delete it because they own the card and we don’t. But it the sent and received folders were separate, that would be great.

Sometimes postcrossers in my RRs or in tags where I’m active mark some if my sent cards as favourites, and that helps me know what they like.

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So, if I send a person a card and I upload the picture and they register it, the card picture will then be on both our walls…if the person I sent it to deletes it from their wall…the picture is deleted from my wall too?
That’s odd because people can’t see all the cards I sent. Wonder why it was done that way?


I understand the frustration, but the walls are connected to cards’ own pages. Would that page with ID, hearts and comments be which way - the sender’s or the receiver’s? And how about postcard thumbnails in the main gallery? It would just cause more confusion and complexity.

One possible solution comes to my mind though. Currently, all cards which have images are displayed on our walls. In the list of received cards. it could be possible to check something like “don’t display on my wall” and then the selected card wouldn’t show on the wall - but the card’s own page would stay intact and thus the other person’s wall too.

But… that would also create some problems.Who would be able to edit the card’s image? And if the receiver was able to remove the image, the same thing could happen like now too. And if not… Well, that wouldn’t make all people happy either! There are many who wishes to upload their own images for various reasons. So… if one thinks about it, the current system might the best after all. :slight_smile:


Should be fine to see both two pictures, if they are here: before traveling and after. My first card to Russia arrived in an unrecognizable condition…


No it won’t! This happened to me once. The card I’d sent was not the card subsequently displayed. I immediately contacted the admins, (saying "that’s not my card) who contacted the recipient, and the correct card was then displayed.

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Thank you. Glad that it worked for you!