Plastichrome Postcards - history mystery!

Hello Postcrossers! I am stumped, along with @wardmob about what Plastichrome Postcards are all about. I’m sure that she will further elaborate about her curiosities on the subject matter, but I wanted to bring this mystery to this community to see if anybody could chime in about this process, it’s mother company Colorpicture, what makes these postcards special, or anything else that can bring a lot more light to this rather niche subject. The internet doesn’t provide much detail, it even stumped a pro postcard reseller!

Please share your Plastichrome postcards should you have any, it would be great to see what is out there!

You can watch this video here (jump to the “Special Topic- Plastichrome Postcards”) from that pro postcarder if you are also curious about this!

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Definitely stumped. I picked up a pile for 10c each ( A BARGAIN) at a thrift store and they have me intrigued. they seem to come from all over the world from Australia to Curacao to the USA. From the 50’s and 60’s at a guess. here is an example and a couple of examples of the backs. Any info very gratefully appreciated .


I don’t know the history behind Plastichrome postcards but they usually were very quirky and touristy. I have this fab Mountie :horse: :canada: in my collection.


I also have lots of these. Here are two examples. The front and back of each post card are not in the same photo.

There also many from other companies apart from Plastichrome. I have several hundred from a collection of some relatives from the 50’s and 60’s. I was given all the blank ones and am also transcribing all of the ones that have messages. It’s is time consuming but fun.

Hopefully, someone out there knows something of the history.


Many Native cards from this era (50s and 60s) are labled Ektachrome. Likely just some photo processing term that was used as a corporate trademark

Anyone out there with a surplus of the Plastichrome GF map cards? I’m interested in any and all 50 states. I like to send them to myself when I’m on the road, but finding them in the wild has proven a real chore (and sellers on eBay wanting them for $5+ a piece? Yeah - okay!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Let me know!