Place in the forum for cards with no id

Sometimes when I get a new profile (or reading the profile of someone who just sent me a card) I see that they received a card with no number. For example under the profile is written:
(French user):
" Xxx from Italy, I got your card but no id. It has clowns in it, support couldn’t help me"

I thought if maybe we had a place here at the forum, whomever saw a message like this (if the user is not a forum user) could come here and make a post like
“Russia to France- clown card- I’d missing”

So if the person is a forum user maybe they could write to the user and give the number. Or maybe the sender would see it and say: that was a swap, etc

What do you think of it? (I don’t know if I could explain this thing well enough for you to understand)

Or do you think we could write at the Language section of the forum? I think we could give some more voice to those lost cards!


I think it’s a cool idea @cleopatra-matta! I read lots of those comments in profiles too!


I have seen that on profiles too and think it is a good idea.


If it’s an official card support would always know the id, correct?


When I see those messages on profiles it makes me wonder if the person doesn’t know about the mechanism to contact support for help with the ID. It feels like a “lack of awareness of existing Support options” issue. And in that case, I think the best thing to do if you come across that is to reach out to them and say hey, do you know Postcrossing already has a process for helping with this? For a long time when I was a new user I didn’t know about it.


Especially from common countries it’s not always possible for the support team to identify the sender. I had this happen once for a card from Germany. Fortunately, the sended did eventually reach out to me to inquire about his card and I could register it after all.


Great idea for sure


Great idea :+1::+1:


Not always, sometimes there’s not enough info for them to identify the sender


That’s a good idea too, but the times I’ve seen that message written it was also written that support couldn’t find the sender…


I think it’s a good idea, it happened to me twice that support couldn’t identify the sender.


I think the profile is a better place for this than the forum. I believe the sender is more likely to visit the person’s profile when the postcard has been travelling for very long than to randomly see it in the forum. Many users don’t use forum at all and most (all?) of us who do only visit some topics anyway. What I am trying to say - I doubt that if the postcard wasn’t identified in the main site, it will be identified here.


Idea is nice and good, I think.

But, I believe the information should be more clear. Maybe the receiver’s profile name? And does people remember the profile names if they read this forum?
Would it be ok to copy the part of profile where they describe the card, or should we ask them to add it here? Would it help a notification appearing if the profile includes words “missing id”?

Also, when and if the card is “found”, who is responsible of removing the missing ad? If the member is not here, then the one who added it, should keep track of this card? How will they know which card it is, if there is no id to track it down?

It could (or maybe even should) be that you could register it from here, and then it would disappear. (Just like when you ask for the id in your profile.) (But I think this is not possible.)

Who will remove the old, not found cards, or if they are stored over a year (not able to register, but maybe nice to thank), how long? (Who keeps track and removes those?)

I have received one without id, that couldn’t be found.
That time I thought it’s strange, as I had the photo, name, country and city, and the information that it was the sender’s first card. I thought there can’t be many cards to me from that city that are their first to me. But it was never found. Maybe the sender ended their profile?

I agree with @hankadl , profile is good place to keep it. Perhaps write it the first thing, so if the sender checks if the receiver is active, they will first see it.

But still this suggestion is good too.
There are many profiles with the information of missing/wrong id in a card. (If I’m writing to them, I try to write about the possibility to let the team try to solve it, but often I forget or there is no room in the card.)

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Very well said. I agree with you in everything.
I often have “great ideas” but they turn out to be not so practical. :sweat_smile:
Maybe if we had a way to let people know to check the profile of the receiver if their card is not registered for some time.
The thing is, we here at the forum, have a great dialog about problems and solutions, but people that still don’t use the forum are a bit let to themselves, in many case not knowing what to do…

If only was possible to assign a “buddy helper” to each new user :sweat_smile:

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I think the idea is great and I fully understand what you think, because solving all these “id missing” cases it would lessen the expired amount :+1:


Yes, I realise that now… As I said earlier, I have these great ideas (in my head) but then when I write them down they’re not so doable…

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If a moderator see this, I think we can close this post, thank you