Photographing Your Postcards

Can I put in a plea to Post-crossers to please, please upload a photograph of their postcard before sending. I have received some wonderful postcards that I would have liked to put on my wall but they were not uploaded.
Please do photograph everything that you send - it would be much appreciated.


You can still do that yourself if they don’t.


First of all, welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do understand your plea, but not everyone has access to scanners (I don’t, so I use Office Lens app on my phone), scanning or photo devices/apps or even the time/energy to do it so. We all lead different lives.

However, if you have access to any of those, the good news is you can also do it as soon as you received the card! :grin: You can add, edit or even delete pictures of your received postcards.

Edited to add:

If you look for “upload” in the help section
you have that and some more information regarding this issue.
I hope this helps and I wish you a very nice stay here in the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


@alter3ch0 already gave great advice. i could only add that maybe you could put a little sentence on your profile, since chances are pretty slim you will get officials from a lot of forummers. maybe something like ‘if it’s possible could you maybe scan your card as i don’t have a scanner’.
i have a scanner and i do scan all my outgoing cards because i know not everyone does (well also i like a full wall of send cards). but you should understand that’s not an option for everyone. taking pictures yourself is the only way you’ll know for sure all your cards will be on your wall.


I’m just using normal photo app in my phone .Should I use a scanner app?

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If you can, I recommend it, yes. It makes everything easier and better. It will automatically detect the postcard and take a nice picture according to it.

I use Office Lens but probably there are others available that you can try. :blush:


I use PhotoScan and it seems to work fine. The only exception is postcards with lots of text and small letters. But for all the others I prefer, since my scanner takes ages for each card :grimacing:

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Thank you for answer .I’ll use scanner apps from now on


@bayankod I take photos of my cards. I always try to do it so there is no reflection and the color comes out nicely and I work a bit on the picture in my photo app. I got a golden-shiny card that appeared to be dark on the scanned image but on my photo it looks really good now.
Just do what works best for you, I suggest.


I have taken photos of most of the official cards I have sent, except one. I had forgotten to do it, but I don’t stress about it if I have forgotten because the receiver can do it when it arrives. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your replies.
All I do is to use the camera on my Mobile then upload to my desktop.
You don’t necessarily need scanners etc. or additional software.
Yes I take on board that I can also take a photo myself.
Well Best Wishes to everyone and Happy Christmas.
Let us hope that 2021 will be a better year

I used to scan all my cards before sending but I don’t have a good setup or the tech to get decent pictures. It became such a chore that I almost stopped Postcrossing because I hated dealing with it. So, I decided that I was Postcrossing for reasons that had nothing to do with properly scanning cards and would rather devote the time to other aspects of this hobby. I’ve been happier since but am willing to start scanning again if it’s easy and the result isn’t terrible. I will look into these suggestions.

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