Photo of card

I noticed the cards I receive have a photo of the card on PostCrossing.
Is it recommended that I post a photo of the card I am sending? If so, how do I do that??
Colleen in Raleigh, NC USA


Hello Colleen, welcome to the forum!

On see the section:

With your latest cards and then click:

This will appear as ‘Upload’ until done.

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When you request an address to send a card, there is button to “upload a photo” of your card. One way to do this is to take photos of the cards you send and upload them on your computer. Another option is to use the PC app on your phone, take the photo with your phone, and upload directly from your phone. This can be a bit overwhelming if you are not used to using your phone/photos/computer in this manner. Hope this is helpful!
PS…I am going to send you a Direct Message.

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I would just add that it is 100% up to you whether you upload a photo. Some people do, some people don’t. The receiver has the option to upload a photo of the received card too.


Many of the cards I register pop up with a photo when I register them; some don’t have a photo. Nearly all the cards I send I attach a photo. I use my Epson V330 Photo Scanner for that.

I scan all my cards before mailing mostly as a courtesy to recipients who probably don’t have a scanner. Plus its the image before the US machines damage them


I always do as a reminder for myself that I send the card. :slight_smile:

But it’s my own choice

Greetz Suzanne


Hello neighbor!, i am down the road by the beach. :+1: just wanted to welcome you to Postcrossing! Need help? Shoot me a message! :grin:

Hello! As many have already said, it’s your choice to do so or not. I upload pictures as a way to control that I have ready sent that card, it comes handy for expired cards, if I need to enquire with the member if maybe they received it and forgot to register I can give a brief description of the card otherwise I wouldn’t remember which one I sent.
At the begining we only used Postcrossing from the computer and not many people had scanners. Uploading the picture was a guarantee to see that postcard in your “sent” gallery. Now with many using cellphones it’s easier to just take a picture (but of course when I forget to take a picture of my sent postcard…the receiver will not do it neither… Murphy’s law :sweat_smile:)

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I just wanted to point out that, at any point before it is received, you can click on “travelling” to see the postcards you sent. There, you can click the green circle to the right and upload a photo of your postcard. That is typically how I do it as opposed to on the address page. But you still have to remember to actually take the photo.

But it is not possible to uplode a picture when postcard has already arrived?

Correct. Once it has arrived, only the recipient can upload a picture.