Phone numbers in tracking informations

I want to ask this question for a long time.
In China, almost all the express company provide the postmen’s phone number and China Post provide post offices’ telephone number in tracking information. So when we have problem about packages, we can call postmen instead of contacting customer service department. Please see the picture - here is a example:

Number ① is the phone number of postman.
Number ② is the telephone number of post office.

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Never. The poor postman would never get his job done, nor any private life !


No. They put lettermail into the mailbox and handover packets. If they cannot handover the packets then they put a message into the recipients mailbox where to pick up the packet.

Yes I do have the number of our postman. But not everyone has it. It’s not written for the public. Everyone can try ask the postman, usually they wont mind sharing his contact number

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In fact, they have a dedicated mobile phone number for work, so post office employees don’t have to worry about being interrupted during breaks.

No contact information of the postman, never.

If your registered letter or package cannot be delivered (because you are not home to get it when the postman comes), the information they leave has info where to pick it up, with the post office’s address and opening hours, maybe also a phone number, I can’t remember. But it’s never added to the tracking info. If your mail goes missing in transit, the only way to search for it is via customer service.

It’s a bit different with private delivery companies - depending on the company, some do send you a text message on the day of the delivery saying that person such-and-such will be delivering your package today, with their phone number. Sometimes the delivery person calls you in the morning of the delivery day. But it’s only valid for this one day, if you miss your package, the delivery person leaves it in a pick up point and has nothing to do with it anymore, you can only contact the company’s customer service about it if there is need.

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Wow!!! That’s service! It’s really difficult even finding a contact number for anything these days. Most businesses want you to go to their website for further assistance. You rarely find what you require :laughing::laughing:


Really? This is new information for me, I am impressed! :blush: :blush: No, it doesn’t happen here…

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Not in America.