Phoenix Arizona Cancelled

HI All,

Unfortunately The PostcardShow we were to attend to have our meetup has been cancelled. If you would like some meetup postcards let me know at When I return home I will be happy to mail you some. Demaris
Jan 16 -2021;DATE & TIME:
cancelledMEETUP PLAN:

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Hi Demaris @ezredax !

I’m in Tucson and have been thinking about a way to have a virtual meetup where we can still sign and swap cards. What do you think about using the cards you have to host a sort of round robin where people sign the cards they receive and send them on to the next person on the list? I haven’t organized anything like that but would be happy to help!


HI Emily, That is a good idea, however, I personally do not have that capability on my computer. If you would like some postcards, please send your mailing address to I would be please to send you some.

There is a group in the Phoenix area that meet regularly. I can send your email address to Garci if you do not know her. To be included in that group.
I only attend in January.

Take care,

Hi sorry to sneak in but i sent a message to your Gmail. Thanks