Philatelic shop in Thessaloniki?

Hey guys!
Is there a post office in Thessaloniki with a philatelic section, with wide variety of stamps available?

Unfortunately, I know the one in Athens only.
Unless someone else knows something more you can call this number and ask


oh, cool, thanks!

There’s a souvenir shop near the Galerius Palace where nice stamps for postcrossing (general issues)

so, it appears the post office 54624 at Vasileos Irakleiou 38 (at the back of the Εμπορικό Κέντρο Πλατεία mall) has philatelic section, you can even get “philatelic item” ticket for waiting line… but! they told me I can only buy philatelic stuff on Mondays :slight_smile: , if I want to see what they have, and pick my stamps. otherwise, they can only sell me a few stamps from what the designs they have at the counter (just 3).

I’ve ordered from ELTA shop at least.
Felt very greedy for I want so much :slight_smile:
It took less than a week to send to my nearest post office without tracking. The parcel got wrong phone number, so I came and asked personally if there is a package for me).