Philatelic and Halloween stamps [USA}

i randomly got a USPS Philatelic and all the stamps it has shown in there will finally all be released in June so i was wondering if anyone knows how to order the next one or if they might just randomly mail me the next one again?

does anyone know how often they release Halloween stamps? i joined postcrossing in 2019 so i don’t know how often we get new Halloween stamps so im trying to figure out if i should wait or go ahead and stock up on more.

You can go to the USPS website and order their catalog. It’s also available online as a pdf.

As far as I’m aware, Halloween themed stamps are issued sporadically every couple years. They haven’t announced any for this year, although the USPS has been known to do surprise stamp announcements.

It’s not exactly the same thing, but there will be Day of the Dead stamps that will come out September 30 this year.

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You can subscribe to get the Philatelic catalog here:
Philatelic subscription

If you have the catalog, you can find the info on second page, next to the table of content

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I have been ordering from the USPS for years. Once they ship you products, they seem to automatically send you the quarterly catalogs.


Oh that’s amazing. I’ll have to get some for my abuelita. Thank you

I was just on the website yesterday and they do still have last years Halloween which look nice. The skulls will be fun too