Philadelphia Pen Show Meetup January 13, 2023 (NEW)

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel
201 North 17th Street – Philadelphia, PA 19103
:calendar: DATE: JANUARY 13, 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 5 PM EST
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

This is very last minute so we hope you can attend! We are hoping to meet at 5 PM EST this upcoming Friday (January 13, 2023) after the Philly Pen Show ends for the day. We will be meeting the hotel lobby, under the escalators. There is ample seating and good lighting.

This meetup is free to attend. The hotel has a bar and restaurant so you can order drinks and food if you’d like, and there is a possibility of walking to a dessert shop in Chinatown afterwards (estimated 1 mile walk, flat terrain, estimated 15 minutes).

Feel free to bring your writing tools of choice, signing stamps, postcards for swapping, decorative stamps, etc. This is the perfect chance to swap those cards you haven’t found a good recipient for!

There will be a meetup card available for purchase at cost during the event.


Thanks for creating the event, I’m looking forward to it!


Yay thanks, couldnt do it without ya!


@redpanda how many cards do you think should be printed?

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Hi everyone!

Here is the meetup card design for this Friday

(Thank you Staples for printing them so quickly)

@ayellowdaffodil I just picked up 250 cards! Let me know if we need more!


:heart_eyes_cat: Wow, these look amazing, and you put it together on such short notice!

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Those are beautiful!! Great job !! :smiley:


Thank you! Im so glad it turned out nicely, and the front is also glossy!! 🫶

Cant wait for Friday
Cards are 25cents each (=printing fees) :blush:


It’s amazing! Would love to join!


yay can’t wait to see you!

I will come to Philly this Sat and cannot make it. So Sad to miss this meet up…Love this meet up cards. I was wondering if I could have some signed and blank cards by mail or pick up on Sat. Thank you!


Guys, I really want to go to Philly, but I cannot make it this weekend. I was there ;last year when silverdragonia had the meetup if she remembers me.

I would love to be a virtual attendee. I prefer to call it “attendee in spirit.” We can use some kind of phone connection if you are willing.

I would love it if you would mail me some cards. I will pay. Silverdragonia knows that I am good for it. I will add my stamp when I get the cards. You guys can sign my name if you want, but that is up to you.


We will miss you at the meet up! Hope to see you next time :slight_smile:

@redpanda has made extra postcards, we can definitely send you both some once we figure out how many are left :slight_smile:

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@ayellowdaffodil @paperglo @LovelyLindaPost @simone_hxmeng @jasminezhym

Hi all! Please DM me with the amount of cards you would like so I can set them aside!

I currently have 250 cards, but can print out more as long as I order it before 2pm Est!!! 25cents per card :slight_smile:

@LovelyLindaPost , I would be happy to send the cards after we sign them today. That way you can sign/stamp them once you receive them. I can bring a laptop for Zoom/ phone connection if you’d like.

@simone_hxmeng I can definitely meet up with you on Saturday when you’re in Philly! Just let me know how many so I can set them aside for you!