Personal Stats

How do I find out my personal stats within my Country, i.e. where do I rank by country? Thanks.

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You can subscribe on email notification about statistics in your account settings:

Letter will come once a month and include your country ranking.

Yes, I get that email, was hopping to get something on line instead of by email. Thx.

I’m afraid there isn’t a very good way to see your ranking on Postcrossing, the best way is to wait for the monthly stats.

There’s a roundabout way to go about it though, which is to search for postcrossers in your country on the Search page. You can order the results by postcard sent, and then go through the pages to find the page where your username is. A quick calculation should be enough to figure out what is your ranking.

The only downside is that you have to be in the top 1000 to find yourself, as the site only displays 1000 results. I can see you’re not quite there @gwexco, but hopefully soon!