Per capita statistic

It would be nice if Explore countries and territories in Postcrossing had a switch, or column, to be per capita.


Yes, I want to know who are the laziest postcard writers. I assume South Sudan - 8 Million people and sent not a single postcard - no wonder they don’t have a working postal system. And in the Vatican 465 postcards sent on only on 921 people - don’t they have to work?
And I want to know who are the laziest members, so give me written postcards per members, okay this might be difficult for San Marino, because 474 cards sent but zero members (typical mathematical problem).
Btw. Happy are those who copy the numbers into a calculation sheet and do there own calculations on whatever they want to know.


I think people in South Sudan have other things to worry about than postcards. Why would you call people there lazy just because they do not appear in PC statistics?


I need a sarkasm or ironie tag.

South Sudan has no working postal system, even if you are willing to send a postcard you can’t. And I assume most of the Vatican or San Marino postcards are sent by tourists aka travel mode, it’s not the inhabitants who sent them.

Such a comparison will never say anything about how lazy you are. And on top you can not put individuals in to one pot and say they are lazy or not.

There are for sure more reasons, how much postcards are sent not only working postal system, stamp price, income, speed, spare time and so on.


Just because you don’t agree with someone’s suggestion there is no need to mock it.


Oh, I’m sorry I told my opinion. I didn’t know this is forbidden.

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I think that would be highly distorted ever since travel mode has been established.


Some of the locations you have mentioned not only have poor postal systems but also poor/non-existent/expensive internet. The other factor is the cost of postage. Many can’t afford to buy a postcard and a stamp, when it is the difference to putting food on the table or not.

Travel mode certainly has changed the dynamics and visitors to many ‘rare’ countries send after confirming they are actually there but don’t live in the country.

To call these people ‘lazy’ is wrong and I suggest you reword your comments.

Postcrossing Team


We have considered the per capita dimension before (both for users and for postcards), but on the Explore countries and territories in Postcrossing it doesn’t work well. For countries with very few members (and few postcards), the numbers don’t make sense and aren’t comparable with the others — eg, a single member can shoot the per capita value very high.

Usually this dimension only works reasonable well by excluding the entries with lowest value. On a table that is meant to have all countries, it doesn’t quite work.