Passing of Demaris (ezredax)

It was brought to our attention that Demaris Swint (aka ezredax) passed away on October 30, after a brief illness. Demaris was super active in the community, and organized dozens of meetings where postcrossers got together, wrote postcards and enjoyed each other’s company.

She was a prolific and enthusiastic postcard writer, and I’m sure many of you have stories and memories of her — please feel free to share them with the community on this topic.


demaris (aka @ezredax) was a wonderful woman, put in endless hours in organzing meetup all around the country. i was shock to find out that she would drive to most of these meetups. she will be dearly missed in the postcrossing community.


Rest in Peace Demaris :candle:


I’m so sorry to hear this, I’m new to PostCrossing but I was lucky enough to have received an official postcard from her.
My thoughts are with her family & friends x


That is truly sad news. I remember Demaris from 15-20 years ago. She was very active in the Yahoo Postcard Groups; also she did some business with postcards on eBay. She also developed a great many custom postcards for National Postcard Month (October).


Rest in Peace…
she’s a good friend, we swap several times.
but yes, she didn’t reply my last message…


Can I ask what happens to cards traveling to her? The reason I’m asking is because I actually have an official card on its way to her… I hope this doesn’t seem insensitive.

My condolences to all who knew her and miss her.

i believe her daughter, chris is registering anyhting that arrives.chris is answering anything sent to her mom’s account if you have any questions


In November of 2018, less than a year into my postcrossing career, I went to my first meetup. It was a two and a half hour drive down to Chesterfield, Virginia (near Richmond), and it was held at a postcard show there. In America, postcard collectors are called deltiologists, and this was a gathering of those folks, trading and selling and discussing postcards, and the meetup was a small event set off to the side. It was my first experience in that world, and those folks were quite passionate about their hobby, and i learned an immense amount about that world that day.

All because ezredax decided to host a postcrossing meetup there that day. Demaris shared her love of postcards with us, introduced us to dealers who might have the sort of cards we’d be interested in (she seemed to be on a first name basis with everyone!), and shared her love and passion for postcards. She was a woman with an incredible depth of knowledge in this area, also passionate about postcrossing, and towards the end of the event, she passed around a notebook to gather everyone’s addresses. Since then, I think I’ve gotten a postcard from every event she hosted, as well as cards from postcard gatherings of deltiologists all over America. I think she attended most postcard collector’s shows no matter where they were, and an endless stream of cards came to my mailbox as a result. She attended some of our virtual events during the covid lock-downs as well. Demaris treasured the connections between people, she had a huge heart, and a great sense of humor, and out world is definitely quite dimmer without her in it.

One memorial write up can be found here:

Demaris in memoriam

R. I. P. Demaris.


I was able to attend a meetup she organized earlier this year. It was impressive how much she did for the postcard community. I especially liked hearing about her own collections. I’m glad I had the chance to exchange postcards with her, however short. My condolences to her family and friends.


I do also remember her from the Yahoo Groups, and I think we swapped several times back them. But for some reason I didn’t remember that she was a postcrosser; but I’m not surprised she was.
It saddens me that she has passed away.


Demaris was a wonderful part of the USA Postcrossing community, and especially in Texas. I had the pleasure of meeting Demaris for the first time in March 2019 when she hosted a Postcrossing Meetup in my hometown of Houston, Texas at a postcard show being held in town. She designed this meetup card for the event, US-5918673
We exchanged addresses and sent each other meetup cards from all of the other meetups that we hosted or attended, and she even drew my address for an official card once! US-6765386
I went to several more meetups that she hosted over the years around Texas, and even flew out to Phoenix, Arizona for the meetup she was hosting in January 2021, which unfortunately had to be canceled just a day before it was scheduled to take place due to changing covid restrictions. However, we had the meetup in spirit anyway and she sent the would-be attendees meetup cards to mail from the event.
I have always appreciated Demaris and her dedication to the hobby and how friendly she has been hosting meetups, always bringing snacks and smiles to share with everyone, while recruiting new members for Postcrossing out of people who happened to be attending the Postcard shows. Many of the people that I met at meetups hosted by Demaris said that it was their first meetup to attend and that they hope to attend or host more in the future, and it was always been nice to hear how her meetups have brought members of the community closer together and caused them to be more excited about additional meetups later on.
May the legacy of Demaris live on through the fellow Postcrossers who she has inspired.


Omg now I feel even worse about missing the meetup in early October. I stupidly thought I would just go to the spring postcard show and see the lovely Demaris and stock up on the wonderful cards she always had. I’m now very sad to read this news. Wow :cry: I hope she knew how loved she was in the postcard community. What a genuinely sweet and beautiful human she was. Prayers to her family.


Hey, don’t feel bad. From what I heard she was sick in October but I’m not sure if she made the show or not. I completely forgot about the postcard show in Dallas, but I did see her in March. She will be missed. I have plenty of postcards that she gave out at the last meet up if you want it.

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It was an honor to know Demaris. I met her at my first Postcrossing meetup in Phoenix before Covid. I also participated in the National Postcard Week exchange that she organized.


I have just received an official card from her, postmarked Jan 10, 2024. I remembered this post and I couldn’t understand how it was possible. Turns out the card was in transit since June, but she wrote a note saying that it was sent tardily. So I have no clue when between June and October it was indeed mailed, it probably got lost in a post office too. I will cherish the card and remember her memory. :rose:


She was and will be missed at the Wichita shows.